5 Things Every Girl Should Know

Not everything is taught in school or learned from our mothers. But, there are some very important things that every girl should know.

How to Say No

For starters, she should have self-confidence and worth enough to spot when it’s time to say no to a relationship. Actually, she should know how to say no, period. It’s OK to say no to unwanted sexual advances or even to demands requested of her that make her feel uneasy or stressed. Tell-tale red flags in a relationship include feeling trapped, undermined, in danger, anxious, or unhappy. It is never selfish to walk away from this kind of relationship.

How to Take a Compliment

She should also know how to accept a compliment. Accept a compliment with a pleasant thank you and a smile. She should never feel the need to explain or point out why she thinks their judgment is in error by putting herself down in response. She should accept it as if she has just been given a gift and the giver is standing right in front of her watching her unwrap.

How to Land a Job and Manage Money

Understanding how to ace a job interview and how to manage her money is also important. Confidence is often the key to doing well at an interview. The best way to conquer fears and make a great impression to land the job is to do the background checks and homework. She needs to find out all she can about the company, the position, and practice answering interview questions in front of a mirror.

Once she lands the job, she will be wise to make a budget for herself so she can begin to save and invest her money wisely so as never to fall into debt or out-of-control finances. This will mean balancing a checkbook and not overspending as well as understanding what taxes will be taken out of each paycheck.

How to Apply Makeup

She should also know how to choose the right makeup and how to apply it to accentuate her best features. Every girl has features she wants to get noticed and those she wants to understate. All of this can be achieved through the proper use of makeup. It starts by finding the right foundation, knowing her skin type, and learning how to apply it to subtly bring out her best features.

How to Check for Breast Cancer

She should also know how to check for breast cancer. We hear the statistics of how one out of every nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime, and we tell our daughters to do monthly self-checks. But, we often fail to explain how this is done, what to look for, or when to call a doctor for further screening. It’s easiest to do in the shower. Once her hands are lathered up with soap, run a hand over each breast and under the armpit. Check for any changes in size, shape, or lumps. If any changes in size or shape to either or both breasts, discharge from the nipples, dimpling on the skin of the breast, a rash on or around the nipple, or a lump or swelling in the armpit, she needs to consult her doctor.