50 TV Couples We Secretly Want To Be

What TV couple do you want to be? From the classic love story of Ricky Ricardo and Lucille Ball in black and white to non-conventional relationships of modern day television, viewers gather around to relate to their favorite TV couple. As their lives play out on the screen, fans watch wishing they could step inside the show and swap roles if even just for a moment in time. Let’s take a look at 50 of the most admired TV couples who step in front of the camera to film episode after episode of a screen-written script you wish was your true love life story.

Monica And Chandler From Friends

As any viewer soon discovers, the show is about far more than friendships. Monica and Chandler did not start out as a couple when the show first aired. They fell passionately in love, but they try to keep it as just their secret so all of their friends would not jump in to become involved in their relationship. Their love for each other runs the gamut of emotions from adorable to unnerving as it takes fans on one cliff hanging moment to another filled with ups and downs and adventure. Eventually, Chandler proposes in the most traditional way, down on one knee which only sets off both of their last-minute cold feet responses.

Modern Family’s Mitchell And Cameron

This show has had a long eleven-season run and has appeared before cameras for its final show which aired in April, 2020. These two set the stage for a nontraditional connection. Mitch and Cam as Modern Family know them, set an example that was met with mixed approval. Surprisingly, the LGBTQ+ community which the writers were trying to please with this match up were the ones voicing their complaints the loudest. They were not upset that two men were forming a relationship heading towards a life-long commitment of marriage, but rather that they were not showing enough affection towards each other on the show. In response to this criticism, writers responded with The Kiss episode.

Doug And Carol From ER

The show ER was a favorite of viewers during the 1990s. As if drama of life-saving daily work in an emergency room isn’t enough, these two are more than merely in love. They are the definition of soulmates. This nurse and doctor relationship brings quick-witted humor to otherwise tense moments. They are simply adorable and relate-able as they share what feels like their real life experiences with viewers. Doug and Carol eventually marry and start a family with not one baby, but they have twins. Eventually, things get a little rocky and they temporarily break up. Though, fans don’t need to fear their fate. The two do get back together again.

Doug And Carrie From King of Queens

This adorable couple is easy to relate to. They live out a mundane life of a couple from Queens, New York. He drives a truck for a package delivery service, and she works as well. To top it off, after Doug thought he was getting his dream man cave, Carrie’s father ends up moving into the space. Everything Doug dreams of never seems to come to fruition. He basically just tries to hang onto being happy with the status quo. Meanwhile, Carrie is constantly motivated to better their relationship and makes many attempts at counseling style interventions that are met with disinterest on Doug’s part.

Jon And Ygritte From Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones has captured the attention of fans around the world who rapidly became obsessed with following the story lines. A favorite story line to follow is the love story between Jon and Ygritte. She was his first love and a wildling spearwife whom Jon had captured during an ambush. How many love stories live to tell of how it began in the heat of a bloody battle? Jon Snow and Ygritte from Game of Thrones tells such a story. Perhaps the passion of the fight was truly fueled by love’s passion. The both fight and love with the same intensity of fierceness.

Empire’s Cookie And Luscious

Luscious and Cookie Lyon are the power couple who run Empire Entertainment on the show Empire. The combination of their two names sounds like the making of a cooking show, but it’s far from sweet. Sometimes, the fighting is quite ferocious as you might expect from a couple who once did drug deals together. Cookie is literally one tough cookie. She has a tough exterior due to spending seventeen years in prison. She is also adept at maneuvering the hip hop industry. Through all of their ups and downs, Luscious is the only human being who is able to stand up to her vitriol and somehow bring out her sweet side.

Paul And Jamie From Mad About You

Sometimes, watching Paul and Jamie Buchman is so very relate-able that viewers may feel as though they are watching their own lives play out right before their very eyes. The married couple started off as newlyweds in the series. They are loving and subtly, yet hilariously, point out daily minutia that is surprisingly interesting to watch. The two have a chemistry between them that is believable and captivating. It is almost as if they are simply living out their daily life from a New York City apartment in front of a camera. After several seasons and keeping fans on edge, they finally have a daughter, Mabel.

I Love Lucy With Ricky And Lucy

“You got some ‘splainin’ to do!” Holding the title for the most-watched TV couple of the 1950s, Lucy and Ricky set the stage for what to expect from a viewing audience. This iconic couple were part of the forefront of much-loved television couples. A married couple in real life, Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball make it look real on the screen as well. Ricky brings his trademark Cuban accent to match Lucy’s hilarious antics that get her into trouble. Ricky often has to come to her rescue. The two kept audiences laughing during their episodes that were filmed in front of a live television studio audience.

Meredith And Derek From Grey’s Anatomy

Dr. Meredith Grey and Dr. Derek Shepherd have been a fan favorite draw from the start of the show. Though, their relationship has been filled with plenty of drama. Before they eventually legally married on the show, they scribbled out an unofficial union on a Post-It note. The pseudo vows read, “Love each other even when we hate each other. No running. Take care when old senile and smelly and it’s forever.” They have saved each other’s lives and worked through their numerous mistakes with a bond that stayed constant throughout even when they were apart or with someone else. Sadly, Meredith became a widow when the writers chose to write Derek off of the show due to the actor’s request to leave.

Buffy And Angel From Buffy The Vampire Slayer

If opposites attract, this couple puts that to the test, or it takes it to the supernatural extremes of a literal good versus evil root. Not only is their attraction for one another filled with drama and romance for fans to watch, it is somewhat supernatural. Buffy is a monster slayer. Angel is a vampire. Imagine bringing that relationship home for Thanksgiving dinner to a family of opposing views. This may seem like the most unlikely and impossible connection, but they have a chemistry that draws them to each other. For Buffy, being in love with a vampire is no simple fate.

Jordan And Angela From My So-Called Life

High school is a transitional time for teens trying to maneuver hallways, lockers, and classes all in an attempt to figure out who they are and who they will become. Students maintain an image to uphold and an ego to hold onto. The students at Liberty High School in a Pittsburgh-area suburb, the setting for My So-Called Life, are no different other than the fact that they are scripted. The show only lasted for two seasons, but for 19 episodes there was a steady romantic tension between Jordan and Angela. Jordan Catalano is the main romantic interest of Angela Chase from My So-Called Life.

Lorelai And Luke From Gilmore Girls

Part drama and part comedy is what keeps this show going as what is called a dramedy. If you like a good warm and fuzzy love story, Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls are the couple for you to watch. Yes, they are on again off again at times, but moments like Lorelai singing karaoke to I Will Always Love You with Luke as her main focus make viewers feel as though they are real. The show is focused on a mother and daughter relationship, but the underlying relationship between Luke and Lorelai keeps fans watching to see what will happen next.

Serena And Dan From Gossip Girl

Who says a high society privileged teenager and an underprivileged ne’re do well boy from the wrong side of the tracks can’t get together as a couple and be in it for the long haul despite the gossip. What happens when a debutante with a mom who is a socialite falls head over heals in love with a boy from a lower-class Brooklyn all-boys school? The result is that you get Serena and Dan as a couple from Gossip Girl. The show was one of the most popular pop soaps on the CW network. It is set in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Marshall And Lily From How I Met Your Mother

Marshall once told Lily that there are a million reasons why he loves her. She makes him laugh, takes care of him when he’s sick, she’s sweet and caring and even created an egg dish she named after him. But, the main reason he loves her is that she is his best friend. This cute couple is one many long to be in real life. Or, they are described as “that couple” that is syrupy sweet in love. Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin, on How I Met Your Mother, met on their first day at college at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. They have been together from that moment forward. They fell in love at first sight, dated, got engaged, got re-engaged, and eventually married and started their family. Even the process of trying to have a baby, birth, and parenting together is cute.

Tami And Coach Taylor From Friday Night Lights

One of the most loved TV couples are from the south. He’s a football coach, and she’s a counselor turned principal. Together, they lead the local high school students to success. For this football coach and the love of his life, Tami, it’s all about the sport on the field in the south and family. Coach Eric Taylor and Tami Taylor are willing to compromise, take chaos in stride, and put each other’s needs before their own. They always support each other no matter what and understand that from time to time the relationship requires a bit of nurturing. Perhaps the most important thing they know is how to keep things fun.

Zack And Kelly From Saved By The Bell

When Zack mumbled out, “Would you like, I mean, would you go to the dance with me?” Their fate was sealed. This 1990s Saved by the Bell sitcom was a staple for after school television watching among teens at the time. It makes sense since the show is focused on high school and all of the drama that took place at Bayside High. Between classes and popularity issues, Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski were the couple to emulate. The two were far more than just a high school crush. In the series finale, Zack and Kelly get married in Las Vegas.

Aria And Ezra From Pretty Little Liars

There is little in life as romantic as love at first sight. That’s how it began for Aria and Ezra from Pretty Little Liars. There is just one little potential problem with the arrangement that is the beginnings of headlines in tabloids. Ezra is her high school English teacher. Before you start shaking your head in disapproval, it’s important to first understand that he didn’t know how young she was. Aria actually lied about her age. She claimed to be a college student when they first met. As their relationship progresses, it becomes clear to everyone that they are meant to be together.

Sookie And Bill From True Blood

When you write a love story into a supernatural horror genre television show, you just might entice fans to keep tuning in for more, especially when they discovered that the actor and actress are together in real life. This True Blood couple is true love between Bill and Sookie, or as fans know them, Bookie. They started out as friends but blossomed into romance and back to friendship. Mix a vampire named Bill Compton and a halfling fae named Sookie Stackhouse, and the results keep onlookers entertained. It turns out that Bill had originally been sent by Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq to spy on Sookie. This didn’t hold back their love for each other.

Shawn And Angela On Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World

Girl Meets World is a continuation spin off of the very popular 1990s show, Boy Meets World. Shawn Hunter was a recurring character on both shows. Shawn and Angela Moore began dating during their senior year in high school. She moved away to Europe to spend one year with her dad. The two did not see each other again until fifteen years had gone by. When they met again, Angela confessed that she is married. When they agree to part, Angela says, “Let’s not say goodbye. Let’s just say ‘I love you.’” Shawn simply replied by saying he loved her too and that he always will.

Winnie And Kevin From The Wonder Years

This TV show about coming of age, narrated by an adult voice-over, tells the story of a young boy named Kevin Arnold. The show is set in the 1960s, so the innocence is even more prevalent than many modern shows. It also unfolds one of the most sweetly innocent puppy love romance ever shown on the screen. Winnie Cooper and Kevin grow up together and grow in love with each other. Through all of the typical ups and downs of finding out who they are and entering teen years and then adulthood, these two ride with the ebb and flow between friendship and romance.

Randall And Beth From This Is Us

Who doesn’t want to be this couple? Confidence, love and life-long personal pursuits permeate every detail of who they are. Randall Pearson and Beth from This Is Us have the most adorable story of how they met in college. Back then, she was known as Bethany Clarke. This is followed by struggles to start up a relationship. After numerous proposals, they finally shared a marriage that lasts even though it is tested. Together they parent Deja, whom they adopted, Tess who was born on the living room floor Halloween night, and Annie. Eventually, the strains of his political career and her desire to have her own dance studio couldn’t break them apart.

Alice And Ralph Kramden From The Honeymooners

They may not have the most romantically sweet relationship, but they certainly are one of the first on-screen TV couples in the 1950s. Alice and Ralph Kramden live out a married, working-class lifestyle together in New York City. He is a man of little means working as a bus driver. She is a very confident and able-bodied woman who can hold her own when necessary. It’s clear that she is in the relationship by her own choosing and allows him to retain his male ego even if it comes at her expense. He holds onto a traditional yet chauvinistic mindset while she is a woman who can hold her own but often chooses to let him wear the pants in the family.

Marissa And Alex From The O.C.

The O.C. was Fox network’s teen drama series that took place in the early 2000s. Marissa Cooper and Alex Kelly are among the most talked about couples on TV. The main reason for all the chatter is because the couple is comprised of two females. Marissa is a Southern California girl whose soulmate always appeared to be Ryan Atwood. During the second season, she and her friend Alex reveal that there was more than a mere friendship going on between them. Alex Kelly shows up on the scene as a tough, bad girl who runs a local music venue called The Bait Shop. At first Alex begins to date Seth, but in the throws of a breakup, the two girls realize they have feelings for each other.

Seth And Summer From The O.C.

From an innocent childhood crush on the girl next door to becoming a couple who is completely in love, Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts are among the cutest couples on screen. They share a teenage romance that makes viewers feel as though it is real. Seth brings his quirky personality into the mix to seal the adorable factor. Between the humor, the sweetness, and the love played out right before the television audience, this couple is enticing to watch. One memorable scene is when Seth was hanging upside down by his ankles wearing a Spiderman mask when the two kiss in the pouring rain.

Betty And Jughead From Riverdale

This CW network teen drama based on the Archie comic series is Riverdale. The show goes well beyond high school happenings as in the days of the comic strip funny papers. While there is plenty of teen drama, there is also a murder investigation going on. This “Bughead” relationship draws viewers in to root for the best. Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones like to solve mysteries together even though they originated from opposite sides of the tracks. It seems that opposites truly do attract each other when it comes to Jughead and Betty. The two are dead set on living happily ever after in a fairy tale-like love story a midst struggles and societal ideals pressing in on them.

Mindy And Danny From The Mindy Project

This hospital-based drama creates the perfect setting for two OB/GYNs to meet and fall in love. However, this love story starts out bumpy and continues to have many ups and downs of romantic tension as the two go from hating each other to frenemies to on again off again dating to proposal and co-parenting. The two did not experience a love at first sight style relationship. Actually, they absolutely hated each other at first. A lot changes as their relationship unfolds on screen. Mindy Lahiri, played by Mindy Kaling, is who the show focuses on, but her love interest develops into being Danny Castellano. There is plenty of bickering, breakups and getting back together along the way that lead them to an eventual engagement and a co-parenting partnership.

Jesse And Becky From Full House

Say what you will about the personal lives of some of the actresses on the show, Full House remains a fan favorite even to this day. One of the most watched preferred reasons for this is the character Jess played by John Stamos and his eventual wife Becky, played by Lori Loughlin. Their relationship was filled with tension from the start with both resisting the fact that they were actually in love with each other. After all, it is awkward to hook up seeing as how their common connection is Danny Tanner who was left a widower and asked the help of his brother-in-law, Jesse, to move in and help raise three girls left without a monther. Becky is the co-host of a morning television show which Danny hosts, and Jesse is a rough, tough boy who never even finished high school.

Eric And Donna From That ‘70s Show

As the name implies, the show is set in the 1970s though wasn’t filmed or aired until much later. Donna is the girl next door, while Eric is her ever doting boyfriend. It didn’t start out that way, however. When the two first met, she punched him in the stomach for looking at her funny. But, that was the very moment that Eric knew she was the one for him. They add humor and romance to the television series. Some describe their relationship to be like watching puppies at play. This playfulness weaves the characters into a love connection that often unfolds in a basement.

Archie And Edith Bunker From All In The Family

All In The Family was a famous sit-com from the 1970s. This timeless television show features an iconic couple whom audiences fell in love with right away. Archie is a grumpy old man and the epitome of a bigot with anger issues who doesn’t like to see any change. Archie is notorious for snapping out mean, nasty remarks. Some of them are directed straight at Edith. Sometimes, he is hilariously humorous even though he is often crude and a sexist. She often appears to be the dingbat that he calls her on many occasions. However, she does have just enough confidence in who she is to stand up for herself when necessary.

Tony And Carmela From The Sopranos

This unforgettable TV couple are part of a wealthy crime family, the Sopranos. Their last name is also the name of the HBO TV series. Tony and Carmela Soprano make their relationship work. Tony is a mob boss and has numerous downfalls, but Carmela enjoys the lavish lifestyle that goes hand in hand with this kind of family of crime. She was his high school sweetheart, and the two married each other at a very young age. The two share two children, and she portrays herself as a homemaker who goes to great lengths to make her household appear to be legitimate, knowing that her family’s money truly comes from what is known as blood money from the mob.

Leslie And Ben From Parks And Recreation

When your job calls for you to follow a book of rules, and your love life collides, you get an adorable couple. Leslie Knope met Ben Wyatt and hit it off even though she works for the department of Parks and Recreation as the head, and he is a state auditor. Since the Pawnee local government rules insist that they not display any public affection, no PDA, the two work around obstacles to hide their love for each other while at work. The couple is dedicated to keeping laws and following regulations which makes for an adorable series of situations that leaves viewers cheering on their relationship.

Carrie And “Mr. Big” From Sex And The City

John James Preston has a nickname that refers to how he is very wealthy and mysterious. Throughout the show that is based on the sex lives of four women in New York, he is referred to as Mr. Big or just plain Big. Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big accidentally bump into each other on the streets of Manhattan one day. Bumping into each other happens on more than one occasion until finally Carrie suggests that the two of them should bump into each other on purpose. This encounter begins a lengthy on again and off again relationship that compelled viewers to watch.

Caleb And Hanna From Pretty Little Liars

Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers, or as fans refer to them as Haleb, from Pretty Little Liars display their love story with wild passion. The show is set as a teen drama mystery thriller that is loosely based on the novel series of the same name. The series follows the lives of four high school girls whose clique crumbles after their leader disappears. A year later, the friends are reunited after they each receive messages from someone named “A” who threatens to expose their deepest secrets. The thing that makes fans keep watching to see the final outcome is that they find themselves having to keep the relationship secret. From the start, their relationship is on again and off again with at least seven breakups and makeups.

Stef And Lena From The Fosters

Often referred to as AdamsFoster, Stef and Lena are an unconventional couple whom the LGBTQ+ community cheers on. The two wives are married on the show but had been together for ten years prior. They walk out day-to-day life of a police officer for the San Diego Police Department, Stef, and Lena as an altruistic activist who would love to save all of the unwanted kids in the world. They do file for divorce at one point, but then they quickly remarry. They are the parents of five children including Stef’s biological son from a previous marriage to a man. The other children came to them through the foster care system.

Rachel And Ross From Friends

Fans watched the hit 1990s TV series Friends in anticipation each week to see if Rachel Greene and Ross Geller would actually finally end up together. For ten long seasons, their relationship was on and then off. They stole the hearts of viewers who were constantly teased with the weekly drama. During Season 4, things took an unexpected and drastic turn when Ross married Emily and not Rachel. However, when he was reciting his vows, he says, “I, Ross, take thee, Rachel.” In the end, the two do marry after having a baby girl, Emma, together. However, the marriage doesn’t actually take place until the Friends spin-off show, Joey.

Cory And Topanga From Boy Meets World

As is true with most high school romances, Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence walk out togetherness and breakups with exuberant drama. Their marriage eventually happens after graduation after Topanga proposes and after a great deal more drama when she finds out her parents are divorcing and fears getting married to Cory for fear they will one day divorce too. It all makes sense given that she is also the one who stole their first kiss. Come to find out, their marriage is a long-lasting one since years later the spinoff show, Girl Meets World features the two with their children. Topanga became a lawyer, and Cory a teacher.

Ryan And Marissa From The O.C.

The O.C. is a Fox network teen drama series that takes place on screen in Orange County, California. The series focuses on Ryan Atwood who is a troubled yet gifted teen who comes from a broken home. He was adopted by a wealthy philanthropist. Ryan notices the girl next door, Marissa Cooper. Marissa is coming off of a relationship that started in 5th grade with Luke. Ryan is her second boyfriend. It started as a purely platonic relationship and grew but is on again and off again throughout the series. Fans love the Ryan and Marissa union, but Marissa’s character veered off to a kiss with a girl and then the script writers killed off her character with her dying in Ryan’s arms.

Kitty And Red From That 70’s Show

The show, as the name implies, is set in the 1970s. Kitty and Red’s relationship is the longest running one on the show. Kitty’s full name is Katherine Forman with Kitty being her nickname. Red Forman goes by his nickname. His full name is Reginald Albert Forman. He is a stereotypical Navy man. He served in the Great War and the Korean War. Red Forman rarely, if ever, shows any emotion. Kitty, on the other hand, is a loving wife and mother. She very dutifully goes about her day as a housewife who also attempts to manage Red. Fans love them but not for their loving romance. They are very possibly the least romantically loving couple on TV. Though, they do have their tender moments.

Jackie And Kelso From That 70’s Show

Jelso is the name that fans have affectionately dubbed the couple Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso on That 70s Show. The two were once a couple on the series. Actually, they were the first canon couple in the television series. After their relationship was over, they remained friends. They are a dingbat couple who contribute a great deal of fun to the show. Their relationship is always on shaky ground since they keep cheating on each other. However, off screen fans love the fact that in real life they are together even though their on-screen love doesn’t work out so well.

Rainbow And Dre On Black-Ish

The focal point of the popular TV show Black-ish is Rainbow and Dre, their marriage and family. They are a black upper middle class couple whose bond of love stays strong through the ups and downs of life. Rainbow Cinnamon “Bow” Johnson and Dre Johnson are the complete opposites of Cookie and Luscious. Rainbow is a doctor, and Dre is an advertising executive. He constantly tries to instill his values of black children to his kids. Rainbow is bi-racial, funny, selfless, and kind. She also knows how to keep Dre down to earth and interact with his crazy ideas gone wrong.

Pacey And Joey From Dawson’s Creek

These two express what it’s like to be a teenager in love. Pacey Witter and Joey Potter have known each other since they were children. As teenagers, they have a love and hate relationship. They constantly pick at one another but are always there to lift the other up when in a crisis. Once they fall in love, their relationship is up and down with Dawson in the middle of it all. No matter how many times they fight and break up, they are always there for each other to reunite. At one point, the two literally sail off into the sunset together in a sailboat.

Pam And Jim From The Office

Who doesn’t want to be Pam and Jim? They are the absolute cutest couple in the workplace and outside of work. They adore each other but had a tumultuous start. Pam was dating someone else who worked at Dunder Mifflin in the warehouse. Jim, however, had the advantage of working in the office near Pam, the receptionist. Jim and she were workplace friends who flirted and laughed together. But, the chemistry was always thick and undeniable between them. Once they got together, one of the most unlikely places to propose is where they sealed their fate. It was pouring rain at a gas station.

Florida And James From Good Times

Yet another 1970s sit-com with a couple in love. Only, this one was designed to set an example that was lacking on television at the time. The show was extremely popular and aired from 1974 to 1979. Good Times was among some of the first television shows to portray a black family with a husband and wife, two-parent family, in love. Florida and James Evans are the couple that held the family together and were making a good life for their children, one of whom coined the term, “Dinomyte!”. She is a strong woman, and he is a hard-working, doting husband. When they do disagree, they tackle heavy subjects.

CeCe And Schmidt From New Girl

This relationship is anything but conventional. For most of the series, the two try to keep their feelings out of it all, making it all about the physical aspect. CeCe and Schmidt from New Girl don’t even call it a relationship, and don’t even think about tagging them as adorable. Schmidt is adamant saying, “We are not adorable.” As they see it, they are nothing more than just two people who are having casual and successful sex. Eventually, they do make it all legal and get married, look for a house to settle down and raise a family for years. The two eventually had a daughter named Ruth.


April And Andy Parks And Recreation

April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer are part of the popular Parks and Recreation TV show series. April and Andy are in love in the most adorably sweet manner that keeps viewers tuning in week after week to see what happens next with April and Andy. April delivers a quirky style that stems from her high school goth loner attitude. Meanwhile, Andy has the ability to always get her to crack a sweet smile. Together, they create an endearing dynamic that is far from annoying. They bring fun to the screen. One of her favorite past times is sitting on Andy’s lap.

David And Donna From Beverly Hills 90210

Donna Martin and David Silver spent much of the television series of Beverly Hills 90210 in and out of their relationship. Donna first noticed her romantic feelings for David after going to a dance with him. After a couple months, David was ready to take the next step, but Donna was not. One thing, however, stayed constant. Donna insisted on saving herself for marriage. Though, she did not quite make it to the altar. On graduation night, she and David become intimate. As with most high school love stories, their relationship is on and off several times with both connecting with other partners before getting back together. They do, however, eventually marry. On the season finale, their wedding ceremony is the highlight of the show.

Jane And Michael From Jane The Virgin

As the name implies, Jane holds true to her abstinence policy which Michael respects. Jane Villanueva and Michael Cordero have quite the relationship. They were engaged before Jane broke up with him to pursue Rafael Solano. The show is a parody of Spanish soap operas. Jane sticks to her decision to remain pure until marriage, but ends up getting pregnant accidentally when her OB/GYN mistakenly artificially inseminates her. Michael wants to marry her, but he does not want to raise another man’s baby. At one point in the series, they even put to the test the death do us part vow when Michael is presumed dead after a shooting. When the series resumes, it is discovered that he is not dead but has amnesia.

Blaine And Kurt From Glee

Glee is a musical sitcom that focuses on many characters. Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel are a male couple who share on-camera kisses and go to prom together. The two claim to be best friends who are in love. This couple break up at least a couple times before getting back together. The two break up but then start dating again and eventually Blaine proposes marriage. Their relationship is put to the test when they are forced to continue long distance. Their connection stands the test, and the two eventually marry turning them into husbands. Together, they parent a daughter.

Sandy And Kirsten From The O.C.

Another popular couple from The O.C. which is a television series based in Orange County, California. Sandy and Kirsten Cohen are married and the parents to Seth. Kirsten is the adoptive mother of Ryan Atwood. The two met when Sandy was attending Berkeley as a liberal Democrat. He meets Kirsten who is a Republican. Somehow the chemistry works. It must be true that opposites attract. The two hold together the adult story line in the show. The two were the best. They made it through death, cheating, alcoholism, and a terrifying earthquake. No doubt, part of the strength behind their marriage is due to Sandy’s excellent communication skills.