Adele Weight Loss Secrets

She has always taken the stage to be quickly met with huge admiration of fans. However, recently British singer Adele is looking even more stunning. After her break up with Simon Konecki, she has lost 20 pounds. What is her secret to this sudden weight loss?

Fans have taken notice of the changes through posts she has made to her Instagram account. One stunning picture of her with a cute, yet sleek, ponytail and stunning black evening gown accented with her flirty pout garnished more than 4 million likes. But, what kicked off this new look?

For starters, she is more focused than ever on being the best mom she can be. She and Konecki share a son, Angelo. It is her deep desire to set a good example that her son can look up to and follow. Part of this effort means taking care of herself to stay healthy and get fit. It doesn’t hurt that the result has meant she can now fit into adorable clothing with the looks and the smile to match.

Getting fit means eating right and working out. Admittedly, according to an Instagram post by Adele herself, she used to cry. Instead, now she sweats. It looks like she has really antied up her workout sessions. Though, the breakup may or may not have had anything to do with this new-found desire to keep moving and stay fit. It all started when she was trying to build up energy, strength, and stamina to make it through an extensive performance tour a few years ago.

The star has admitted to exercising three times a week now. Before the breakup, she didn’t pay much attention to working out. Now, she spends an hour of cardio, circuit training, and Pilates in each workout session. But, the secret is that, at the heart of the workout sessions is a desire to be the best she can be without any thought to what others may think. That is, with the one exception of her young son whom she hopes to inspire to be the best he can be.

Ultimately, she is striving to be happy. She went through some rough times but refuses to let these bad times define who she is. Instead, she is rising above it all and taking charge of her life. On an Instagram post reflecting on her 31st birthday, she expressed that for the first time in ten years, she’s ready to look up. Her post went on to encourage others to be kind to themselves and to take it slow as she asked everyone to put their phones down and laugh.