Bethenny Frankel Posts Bikini Pics Without Photoshop

Nobody should modify their social media photographs anymore, according to Bethenny Frankel. In a long post on Instagram, the reality star emphasized the negative impact manipulated photographs can have on a person’s body image.

The 51-year-old former Real Housewives of New York City star tweeted two beach-themed bikini pictures on Wednesday, August 31. Frankel seemed to have a very small waist and big boobs in the first photograph, which had been heavily edited. She appears in the second attempt unfiltered. Additionally, the chef provided a side-by-side comparison. The owner of Skinnygirl stated in the description that the purpose of posting the pictures was to make a point.

Frankel opened the caption with, “This isn’t how I look like… and you understand exactly that because I’m not arrogant and expose you the genuine me. “However, if I consistently presented this variation, you would begin to think that it might be. Just look at how skewed everything has become.

“Filtering is deceiving,” she remarked. It is misleading. It causes women to feel self-conscious. Young females become insecure and fixated on unrealistic perfection as a result. Mothers and women in their middle years experience self-esteem issues as a result. As a result, males are given a false ideal. It’s the complete opposite of motivating.

Filtering, according to the author of Business Is Personal, is “irresponsible” and “damaging.” She also added: “It’s insecure and incorrect. There is a difference between trying to seem good and telling the truth straight.

Frankel has a reputation for being open-minded and honest.

The entrepreneur opened up about her difficulties with body image in June.

She commented, “Here’s the unpleasant reality,” next to a picture of herself posing poolside. I seldom ever work out. I despise water. Sleep is a priority, yet I struggle. I consume any food I want, and I never really overeat.

She added that I have infinite energy, and I used to diet and exercise constantly when I was larger and less satisfied with how I generally looked in my 20s and 30s. I am slender but not very muscular by anyone’s standards, and I have nice skin, but I sag in certain spots.

Adding the hashtags “#noglam #nofilter #loveyourself,” the New York native completed her post by stating that she chose “balance” and “happiness.”

Frankel is now very serious about bikinis and all swimwear as she prepares to introduce Bethenny Swimwear, her first line of bathing suits with HSN. She shared the information on Instagram from the pool in June.

Frankel posed for the picture while wearing a pair of sunglasses and the Emerald Bethenny Corset 1-Piece Tank Swimsuit. She captioned the photo, “Launching elevated, beautiful, classy, shaping swim to make Everyone feel greatest & gorgeous.”

As she promoted the line on her Instagram Account, “This is a brand that’s causing you to feel thrilled to put on a swimming costume.” “Everyone simply looks like a ten,” she said, “but this is a lady that people should stop and look at – all shapes, all sizes.”