Billie Eilish raves about Daniel Craig and “those eyes.”

During Wednesday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Billie Eilish called Daniel Craig a “DILF.” The twenty-year-old vocalist, dressed in a black and white sweatshirt, jacket, black jeans, and black shoes, told Seth that encountering the 53-year-old James Bond actor who created the Nomination soundtrack “No Time to Die” made her anxious. Billie remarked, ‘It’s James Bond.’ “He’s a DILF,” says the narrator of the story.

“I thought it strange because I said that,” Seth joked. But I would like you to understand that I agree. ‘“You ought to be,” Billie responded. “Those eyes, girl,” says the narrator. Seth informed her that she and he both had lovely blue eyes and couldn’t have been in the same place because of the guy’s eyes. “You wouldn’t believe it if I told you,” Billie remarked. They appear to be insane. “Oh hey,” I thought when I saw him. “

Seth believed it would have been strange to tell his wife about Daniel Craig’s single permission slip. Do you even have a permission slip? Billie inquired. Seth responded, “No.” Daniel Craig responded, “Daniel Craig.” I guess I’ll have to talk with her regarding this, “Seth remarked.” Billie also told Seth about choosing to compose a Bond track. “The track was written in October of this year,” Billie explained. “It was a very long time ago,” says the narrator. Whenever I produced it, I was seventeen years old. Now that I’m twenty, I’d want to provide some information about myself. It was a lengthy, structured initiative. “It was extraordinary.” It was also somehow a weird thing.

You didn’t get the work, but now you have it. We were rehearsing. As a result, it wasn’t an issue of ego. It’s almost as though everything had to be flawless and correct. ‘According to Billie, She said that they hadn’t settled on a title track yet. It’s not like they said, “We need you,” Billie explained. We interviewed and tried our hardest to try our hardest. Barbara did a great deal of work, and she handed us another few pages of the book, only to give us a sample. ‘

Seth inquired if she found that helpful. “It practically composed the tune,” Billie explained. She responded “yes” when Seth asked because she and her sibling Finneas, 24, who founded the track, would jointly attend the Oscars. He inquired as to what she was very much looking forward to watching the award nominations. “It’s terrifying,” Billie remarked. I attended the Oscars in 2020, shortly after the Coronavirus, and it was the greatest scary thing I’d ever seen.’ I could not have been more anxious in my entire existence. The Awards and Saturday Night Live are two of the craziest things I’ve yet to witness. “Its actresses and performers are just so much more expressive than artists,” she says. Artists are strange, dirty, and disgusting. Billie described the experience as “threatening.”