Bragging About Your Life in the 21st Century

Do you think bragging is bad? Considering that the world is a scary place right now, bragging might not sound like the best idea. Talking about your wins when half of the world is coping with death and financial struggles can easily make you sound insensitive. However, bragging is not always a bad thing.

Why You Should Brag

One of the biggest reasons why you should brag is to remember that there is more to life than the pandemic. If we ever want to go back to normal, we need to celebrate our successes just the way we would in the past. Your new job, speech, book, idea, or any accomplishment certainly deserves to be celebrated.

Apart from keeping yourself motivated by celebrating your success publicly, bragging can also open up more opportunities for you. The truth is that if you don’t inform others about your achievements, then nobody will. You need to be your biggest fan, even if that means bragging about everything you are busy with.

People who are good at communicating their accomplishments tend to get more opportunities to excel. While you may consider bragging a bad thing, it is only stating facts about the task you completed and how that advances your career opportunities in the future.

How to Brag Properly

Now that you know why you should brag despite the circumstance, here are a few smart ways to brag properly:

1. Know Your Worth

Before you can sell your achievements to other people, you need to be proud of yourself. You should tell yourself that you deserve everything that you achieved because you worked tremendously hard for it. You don’t need a big award to put on display, all you need to do is let people know that you are proud of how far you’ve come.

If you have a fear of bragging, then it can come from the feeling that you aren’t deserving of recognition or praise. You might also think that people would find you annoying or start hating you if you talk about your accomplishments. However, these are just irrational fears that you don’t need to worry about.

The best way to brag is to know your worth and be humble about it as you communicate with others.

2. Understand Bragging is Good

Like we explained earlier, not all kinds of bragging is bad. Bragging can be great when you are reporting your work to your boss, especially if a crucial task was assigned to you. Your boss might have forgotten about all the workload that they put on you, but you should be quick to remind them whenever you successfully complete a challenging task.

Bragging in front of your friends or colleagues could motivate them to work harder towards their goals too. When we see others succeed, we want to achieve the same levels of success for ourselves too. Knowing about what others are achieving gives people a sense of inspiration.

3. Show What You’ve Achieved

If you are working in the corporate world, then you definitely need to show your boss your wins. Working remotely has changed the work environment, which means you need to know the best way to communicate your wins to the boss now.

Other ways to show what you have achieved to the people you love can be to throw a celebration party or call a friend to celebrate a win with you.