Doctors Knew Something Was Wrong When This Girl’s Belly Didn’t Stop Growing

Katie Smith was an average teenage Welsh girl who liked to enjoy life and follow her dreams. Growing up she was a healthy child. She wasn’t that skinny which is why she did not pay much attention to the rapid growth of her tummy. However within a couple of years her tummy started to look like that of a pregnant woman. This rang a lot of bells in Katie’s mind. She knew that something was wrong. She knew it wasn’t just normal fat causing the belly to bloat out.

Test Results Were Shocking

She visited a doctor who ran some tests. Doctors were shocked at the results. They knew that Katie was in danger. So they recommended her to be admitted to the hospital. Even though Kate knew that she was suffering from a medical condition and that it wasn’t just fat she got very dishearten when the report results came back. She shared a video on YouTube where she talked about the problems she faced due to her medical condition. She was told that this could be life threatening condition so Katie had to be very careful.

She Started Feeling Distraught

She was just a teenager and going through this at such a young age made her lose her confidence. She felt very distraught. She thought to herself about why such a thing was happening to her and why was it taking a toll on her personal life. She wanted emotional supports from her friends and peers. However that is not what she got. There were people who supported her but there was also a large group of people who started bullying her for her enlarged belly. She just couldn’t explain them then it was a medical condition and definitely not something that should be made fun of.

Katie Was Bullied

What made things worse was that Katie was once bullied in the eighth grade where someone spread an indecent rumor about her belly. At a time like this she could only think back to that time and feel even sadder for her condition. She suffered a lot even at that time however now that her belly is suffering from a medical condition, things have gotten worse. It has put a lot of mental pressure on Katie. She also talked about the mental stress she is going through in her YouTube video where she talks about her condition.

There Was Confusion Why All Of This Was Happening

At start Katie Smith just couldn’t understand why her belly was growing so large at such a fast rate. She knew that her eating habits weren’t that bad so what was causing all this. She got many different reasons in her head that could result in her tummy getting so large. None of those were good reasons and only made Kate lose confidence in her looks. Not that just, the large belly started putting pressure on Katie’s back and legs. It was getting difficult for Katie to carry such large wait. Not to mention the added pressure the large belly put on the stomach. It was a really bad time for Smith.

People Thought Katie Was Pregnant

Then there were speculations about her being pregnant. She got tired of people asking her about her enlarged tummy and her pregnancy. She knew she was not pregnant. She even took a pregnancy test to prove it. People around her who could not understand her condition actually thought that the only explanation to her large belly is that she is pregnant. Many thought that she was trying to hide her pregnancy. However all those rumors stopped when Katie took a pregnancy test and the results came out negative. This made people around her realize that she was actually going through something more serious.

Even Her School Wanted Her To Take The Pregnancy Test

Katie Smith took the pregnancy test to stop the rumors about her being pregnant. She wanted to put an end to the rumors however the main reason that she took the pregnancy test was that she was forced by her school to do so. She was asked to prove that she was not pregnant and Katie had to take the pregnancy test to show her school management that she was suffering from a dangerous medical condition and that she wasn’t pregnant. Taking the test actually helped her as it put an end to some of the pregnancy rumors about her belly.

She Wanted It All To Go Away

She went in for a checkup after her second semester ended. She was very concerned and nervous. In the midst of negative rumors there were also people supporting her on her YouTube channel. She also told her viewers that when she was in school. Parents of other children would actually complain to the school management that it was not right for an 8th grade pregnant girl to attend school. She was criticized left and right and she just wanted it all to go away.

The Pregnancy Test Came Out Negative

When the test results came out negative, it did stop a lot of rumors that Katie wanted to end however it also gave rise to many other questions. If Katie wasn’t pregnant that what was causing her belly to get enlarged. She couldn’t understand everything she was feeling for the last few months when she was at the school. In one of her YouTube videos she explained that she was so distraught that she thought she had an alien inside her stomach who was growing and growing. It was a very tough time for Katie and she had so many questions but there were no answers.

The X-Ray Answered A Lot Of Questions

When nothing was going Katie’s way, the doctors decided to monitor her sugar levels. It was believed that the bloated tummy was happening because of high diabetes. However that was not the case. Her mom actually told the doctors that they should get an X-ray of her daughter as that would give a better idea of what’s happening to or inside her belly. This was a great suggestion and should have been done by the doctors in the first place. The X-ray was done and some important information was extracted from the X-ray report. It was after the X-ray that Katie found out what was causing the symptoms.

This Meant Things Would Now Move Towards Recovery

It was something that Katie had never thought of before. She was just concerned that something was happening to her belly, she just did not know that it could be something this big, serious and dangerous. She was now a bit tensed and relieved at the same time. She had an answer to her bizarre symptoms but on the other hand it also posed a lot of new questions as well. Katie Smith now had to think how she was going to move forward with her condition and its treatment.

It Was Taking A Toll On Her Body

One of the craziest incidents happened when Katie noticed that when she laid down there was something sticking out of her stomach. The thing pressed all her body organs and she suddenly had the urge to go pee. In addition to this she was also suffering for excruciating back pain that was happening due to the large belly. She gained around 50 pounds in just 5 months. She was now at a stage when her belly was getting larger at a very quick pace.

The Pain Was Getting Unbearable

With time Katie’s health became worse. She started to feel a lot of pain and this pain wasn’t just the physical pain in her body but also the mental pain that she was going through due to the rumors and how her body had started to look. The X-ray that her mother suggested actually told Katie a lot about her condition however this left her with more questions than answers. Yes it did answer the questions, Katie was looking for but the news that X-ray brought with itself wasn’t a nice one.

There Was A Big Cyst Growing Inside Katie

The X-rays and the test reports showed Katie that she wasn’t pregnant but more than that they showed the real reasons behind why all of this was happening. When they did an X-ray, they found out that there was actually a cyst growing inside of Katie’s stomach. The cyst had become so big that when Katie laid down it popped out of the skin. Katie was very nervous and furious after looking at that. However she was also slightly relieved as now the rumors would end and she would actually get a treatment for the cyst growing inside her body. It was already pretty late but had they not found out about the cyst even now then it could have been very dangerous for Katie. It could even become fatal.

The Type Of Cyst Was Going To Be Important

The doctors started examining the cyst. What they were looking for was the type of cyst. They had to make sure that the cyst was not dangerous. If the cyst was solid then it would have been dangerous. However if the cyst was soft or liquid then it could be controlled. Solid cysts can be very dangerous and they are more likely to be cancerous. Katie was very concerned now as she wanted to know as quickly as possible about what the cyst is going to be like. Now was the time to move forward with more tests.

More Tests Were Performed

After the X-ray showed that there was a cyst inside Katie’s body. The doctors ordered more tests. Tests were done to see if there were other complications due to the cyst. After the tests Katie took a sigh of relief as the cyst was liquid. It was very important to know the nature of the cyst and once the doctors found out that the cyst was liquid they knew that they could put Katie on path to recovery. Liquid cysts are relatively easier to treat as compared to solid cysts. So it was a sort of a good news for Katie.

The Big Size Of The Cyst Was Dangerous For Katie

The size of cyst is also very important. When cysts start to grow bigger then they usually become more dangerous and are more prone to infection. The larger cysts are also more difficult to remove and usually require a long surgery to remove them from the body. Unfortunately for Katie, the cyst in her body had become really big and she knew that there was no other option but to get a surgery done for the removal of the cyst. These surgeries can be very dangerous for the patient depending on the size and nature of the cyst.

The Cyst Was On Her Ovaries

The position of the cyst is also very important. The part where the cyst grows or is attached to the human body can actually have a great effect on your body and the risk factor of the surgery. These cysts can grow in tissues and in other parts of the body and can be very dangerous and painful. In Katie’s case, the cyst was on her ovaries. This was a dangerous area for the cyst and it made the surgery more risky. Now the doctors knew that they had to be extra careful during the surgery to make it successful.

The Cyst Was Putting Pressure On Other Organs

Another problem with such a large sized cyst was that it was putting pressure on other organs in the body. Along with the ovaries, it was also damaging other organs inside Katie’s body. Had the cyst not been found it, might have affected the functions of the other body organs especially the organs near the stomach. This is why it was now imperative to take the cyst out of Katie’s body as soon as possible. Had it gone on like this any longer it could have been fatal for Katie. Thankfully the doctors acted fast after the initial X-ray.

There Was One Good News: The Cyst Wasn’t Cancerous

The only good news Katie had heard till now was the fact that her cyst was liquid and it was not cancerous. This meant that there was no risk of any cancerous infection spreading around the body. Had the cyst been cancerous, the infection could have spread to other parts of the body even before Katie had reached the X-ray stage. This was a great relief to Katie and her mom that the cyst wasn’t cancerous. Now they were looking towards the next step and that was the step of getting the cyst removed from Katie’s body. Katie was nervous but she knew that this had to be done.

Doctors Told Katie: The Cyst Was Putting Pressure On The Stomach Thus Causing The Enlarged Belly

Once the doctors communicated the new of the cyst not being cancerous to Katie and her mom, they also explained to her why her belly was getting so large. They explained to her that as the cyst on the ovaries, they put pressure on the stomach. This is why as the cyst got large so did Katie’s belly. If they did not perform surgery right away that the cyst would become even larger and it would permanently effect Katie’s body.

Her YouTube Subscribers Were A Big Support For Her

Katie always looked for support on her YouTube channel. After the doctors gave her the news and explained everything to her, Katie took to YouTube to tell her subscribers and viewers about how everything was going. She updated her viewers regarding the situation. She shared information regarding the nature of her cyst. She also told them that she’d have to get a surgery to get the cyst removed from her body. Up till now she had developed a base of loyal viewers who commented on her videos and made her feel relaxed and supported. This was a positive sign for her as she was distraught due to the bullying and rumors about her.

Katie Wasn’t The Only One

Katie thought that this was a very unique scenario however that is not the case. There are other people in the world who also went through a similar experience. A BBC report in 2018 showed that another woman by the name of Keely Favell also suffered from a similar condition. Her belly also started to get fat and she rapidly gained weight. Her belly also got enlarged. Initially Favell did not pay much attention to the gain in weight but once it started to become very large she knew she had to consult a specialist for what she was going through.

Keely Played Along With The Rumors

Keely Favell knew that she couldn’t ignore her condition anymore. She knew she had to do something about it otherwise her condition will become much worse than it already is. However she still played it cool when someone asked her about her belly. She took her time to go to the doctor. When her pregnancy tests were showing a negative result one after the other she should have consulted her doctor. However she chose to avoid the doctor and play along with the people who thought she was pregnant.

Her Pregnancy Tests Came Out Negative

Other people around Keely Favell started to say that there was no other explanation for the enlarged belly but that Keely was pregnant. Keely got multiple pregnancy tests which all came out to be negative. Even after multiple negatives on her pregnancy test she couldn’t force people to accept that she wasn’t pregnant. People around her kept asking when her baby was due and unlike Katie Smith, Keely Favell played along with people who asked her about the due date. She started accepting it instead of fighting it. She realized that she couldn’t explain her condition to everyone so it was better to play along with the pregnancy speculations.

Keely Was Trying To Stay Positive

Her belly was getting big rapidly however Keely still stayed positive. She kept saying to herself that she was okay. She thought that if she stayed positive then her belly problem would go away. However that was not the case. She needed a doctor and she needed one as soon as possible. Staying positive is always good but Favell needed a doctor as it would have become really dangerous for her had she waited any longer to consult a doctor for her condition.

She Finally Got An Answer For Her Enlarged Belly

She finally decided to go see a doctor. When the reports came back it showed that there was a cyst inside her body. She was shocked to see this, so was everyone in her family. However this put a rest to the rumors about her being pregnant. Now she had to decide what she wanted to do. She did not have any other choice but to get it out through surgery. That is what her doctor told her right after the checkup. She was not a little concerned as well. However she knew that she had to get the surgery done if she wanted to enjoy a healthy life once again.

The Size Of The Cyst

The size and position of the cyst plays a huge role in the risk factor. The size of the cyst found in Favell’s body was 57 pounds. This was a huge cyst as it was equal to the size of seven new born babies or if you want to calculate in terms of a person, the size of the cyst was equal to seven to eight year old child. So Favell was actually holding such a huge weight in her stomach. It not only affected her other body organs but also caused her legs and back to ache.

Story Of Kayla Rahn

In addition to Katie Smith and Keely Favell, there were other people suffering from the same types of issues as well. Another one of such cases was reported by Women’s Health in 2018. A woman named Kayla Rahn also had a cyst inside her body. She went through a similar case where she didn’t pay much attention to her enlarged belly and gain in weight which subsequently came out to be a cyst. Like Favell, Rahn’s cyst was also in the 50 pound range. Her cyst was also on the ovaries same as that of Katie.

Katie’s Cyst Was The Biggest

Where Kayla and Keely both had cysts that were around 50 pounds, the case was different for Katie. Not only was Katie younger than the two other women, her cyst was also larger than the cyst found in Keely or Kayla. The cyst found inside Katie was actually around a 100 pounds which is almost double the size found in the other two girls individually. If you measure that in terms of a person that is equal to a 13 year old boy. Once Katie, heard about the size of the cyst she just wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Katie Had To Get A Surgery Performed On Her For The Removal Of The Large Cyst

Like most of her other visits to the doctor, she came back home and uploaded a video for her viewers. She shared that she would soon be getting a surgery to get the 100 pounds cyst removed from her body. She was nervous but trying to stay strong. She got a lot of support from the viewers who commented on her videos. She discussed the details about her surgery as well and gave important information about her surgery that was communicated to her by her doctors. She was finally ready for it.

She Posted An Informational Video About Her Experience On YouTube

She finally got the surgery. The surgery was successful and Katie posted a video on her YouTube channel with stills from her surgery. She showed a before and after picture and also showed some pictures from during the surgery. It was a 7 hours long surgery and Katie was considered a high risk patient due to the large size of the cyst. This is why most experienced doctors were flown in from all over the country. She was very happy that the surgery was a success. One of the doctors actually told her that surgeries like this are very dangerous and had the cyst been any bigger it would have been very difficult to remove it which means that the chances for her survival would have dropped drastically.

People Wanted To Know About Her Experience

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After Katie posted the video about her surgery on YouTube, comments starting pouring in from people who were following her case and other people who were going through a similar experience themselves. People asked her questions about her surgery and how does she feel. She was very active in replying to the comments and always liked to interact with her viewers. She also gave more information about her surgery while replying to comments in the comments section.

The Difficult Time Was Still Far From Over

Just because she got the surgery did not mean that the difficult time was over. That cyst had been growing inside her body for year and just removing it wasn’t going to solve the issue right away. She had to go through an extensive recovery period as well. As her stomach could not digest normal food she had to eat lighter foods like popsicles which would just be licked and consumed. Even the doctors gave her popsicles and she loved it especially because the popsicles were cherry flavored which is one of her favorite Popsicle flavors.

The Surgery Effected Her Physically And Mentally

She also talked about other side effects and effects of the surgery. One of the effects of her surgery was that she could not speak when she woke up after a good sleep. It was becoming really hard for her to say the words out loud. So the recovery process was very hard for her as well but she knew that it was all for good and then once she recovers she will be able to enjoy a happy and healthy life. After a few weeks her effects also started to heal and she started speaking as she used to before the surgery.

There Were A lot Of Side Effects

Surrogate's Belly Keeps Growing, Then Doctor Spots Something Hiding In  Ultrasound - YouTube

These weren’t the only side effects she faced as she also threw up when she ate anything other than popsicles or other light food. She also felt sleepy all the time and when she woke up after sleeping she had trouble speaking which made her recovery period even harder. But she knew that in order to recover from years old cyst she had to at least wait a few weeks to fully recover. There were some other unwanted and unexpected side effects as well. However with time she got better. The recovery process was slow but effective.

She Felt Happy And Confident

She felt very happy after the surgery as she no longer had to look at the cyst poking out of her body anymore. The biggest happiness she got was from the fact that she would no longer have to be the victim of bullying and malicious rumors. She was very happy about it and it gave her a new found confident. All her life she was bullied and now after the surgery she felt that the time for bullying was about to come to an end. This also put an end to the rumors about her being pregnant.

She Knew She’d Have Trouble In Giving Birth As The Cyst Was On Her Ovaries

One person in her comments section who was going through a similar problem asked her about the status of her ovaries and if she would still be able to get pregnant and have kids. Katie replied to that comment. She told the person who commented that it would be difficult for her to have children as the doctors took away 2/3rd part of her ovaries. She said that she knew it would be difficult to have children however it is still not impossible. The chance of having kids depend on each individual case as in some cases the doctors might not have to take away a large part of the ovaries. In such cases the chance of having kids would be good.

She Encouraged People To Learn From Her Experience

Katie Smith also gave some advices to her viewers. She told her viewers to act fast if they ever feel that something is wrong with their body. She waited to get the surgery until the cyst was too big. She also told her viewers to discourage bullying and stand up against it. She was a victim of bullying her entire life and it took a toll on her mental health. She does not wish for other people to fall victim to the same bullying as she did. This was her last video on YouTube for a while.

Her Comeback On YouTube

With Child

She returned on YouTube after almost 10 years. She uploaded a video in which she tells that it has been almost 10 years that she had her surgery and that she has never been happier. She also told that her life has completely changed in the last 10 years as she got married to the love of her life. She did not get pregnant but she showed that adopting a child wasn’t out of the question. When 10 years ago one person asked her about the status of her ovaries and if she could get pregnant she also hinted at adopting a child at that time as well.

A Large Belly Isn’t Always A Bad New

A large belly isn’t always a bad news. A 100 pound cyst might be the reason for Katie Smith’s enlarged belly however that isn’t always the case. This was seen in the case of Angie; a San Diego resident. Angie was a happy expecting mother. Her belly was unusually enlarged. She did not think of it as much as different mothers have different types of pregnancies. So she just thought that it’s her pregnancy that is causing the unusually enlarged belly.

Angie And Her Husband Were Very Excited

Angie already had two beautiful boys and now she wanted a girl. Her pregnancy was going really good. Everything was good and Angie was feeling healthy. What Angie and her husband did not expect was that nature had a big surprise in store for them. It was a good surprise but it entirely depended on how the couple took the news. She did not know the gender of her life as of yet as she was planning for a couple of more weeks to pass.

Routine Checkup Turned Into A Surprise

Angie’s case happened back in 2012. Her pregnancy was going really good. One day she decided to go to her doctor for a routine checkup when the doctor gave her a frightening news. He told her that there was some fluid discrepancy in her pregnancy. She was 26 and a half weeks pregnant at the time. Angie’s doctor told her that she needed to be admitted to the hospital right away. Angie got concerned and terrified. She didn’t understand what was going on. Angie asked her doctor again if he meant right now and the doctor said “Yes Right Now”. Angie was now getting concerned about her situation.

She Was Told That She’d Be Giving Birth To Triplets

Sharp Healthcare covered Angie’s entire case. Even though the fluid discrepancy news was a bit frightening for Angie, she also got a good news as well. She was told that she wouldn’t be giving birth to just one baby but to three babies. She was going to have triplets. This is why she needed to be admitted as fluid discrepancy can be dangerous if there are more than one babies in the womb. So Angie decided to get herself admitted in the hospital to better care. It meant that she had to leave her two boys at home whom she delay missed however her husband told her that it is for the better as the hospital staff could take care of her in a better way.

She Was Admitted Early

The reason that she was admitted at 26 and a half weeks of pregnancy was that when there are twins or triplets, pregnancies can get complex. Triplet pregnancies are actually a high risk case and it can result in many complex complications. So it was very important for Angie to be careful about her pregnancy. Triplets are usually always born prematurely and with fluid discrepancy there were concerns about the health of one of the baby.

She Was Very Concerned

First there was the risk of triplet pregnancy then there was the added risk of fluid discrepancy, Angie was getting really worried but luckily she had her husband there to support her through the way. She wanted to have a healthy pregnancy and the doctors at the hospital ensured her that she would be taken good care of. And that is what happened. From nurses, to doctors to support staff everyone helped Angie feel less worried about her situation. She was very happy that she got admitted in the hospital and that she was getting such good care.

She Was Delighted To Know That She Was Going To Have Three Daughters

Due to triplets being born prematurely there is always high risk. Such children are more prone to health problems as their body parts and immune system aren’t fully developed. So extra efforts are required to take care of them. This really made Angie feel concerned about her unborn babies. She was told that she was going to have three girls which was a delight for her to hear as she wanted a girl after two boys. However the problem with her pregnancy was making her feel concerned. She was also concerned when she heard that she was going to have triplets however her husband helped her cope with the situation and told her that they can take care of all their kids together.

The Doctors Explained Some Of The Issues Her Pregnancy Was Facing

When Angie asked the doctor about the fluid discrepancy she was told that two of the three babies were sharing a placenta. For people who are not familiar with how pregnancies work, they might think that all twins and triplets share a placenta where as that is not the case. When two babies share a single placenta then that effects the growth of one of the babies. This is why one of the babies was smaller than the other.

Angie Was Getting More And More Concerned But The Medical Staff Helped Her Stay Calm

One of the babies was getting less fluid than the other which resulted in one of the babies to grow big while the growth of the other baby was slow. This was also concerning for Angie as she wanted all her unborn children to be born healthy. They were already being born premature so having these additional problems would only add to the problems and she knew it. However the doctors and nurses assured her that she was in good hands and that all her children will pull through. Triplets are more common than many people think which means that medical staff is well aware of how to respond to such situations.

Sharp Mary Birch Hospital Was The Ideal Hospital For Angie’s Delivery

One of the best things about Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns is that they have a really good medical team. All the doctors and nurses there are educated and well trained. They come across such cases every now and then and with each case they learn more and get better at their jobs. The respective hospital actually delivers around 8000 babies every year which shows that they are quite experienced and known what they are doing. So it was the perfect Hospital for Angie to be in. If she could be at any place for the delivery it had to be Sharp Mary Birch Hospital.

Sharp Mary Birch Hospital Was Fully Equipped To Take Care Of Angie And Triplet Pregnancies

In addition to the vast experience of the doctors at the Sharp Mary Birch Hospital, they also have all the latest medical equipment for the job. The respective hospital is one of the best hospitals in the world for managing high risk pregnancies. High experience and up to date medical equipment is a great combination for hospitals that have to manage high risk pregnancies on a regular basis. Angie was also happy to be at a well-equipped hospital like Sharp Mary Birch Hospital.

She Had To Be Put On Continuous Medical Supervision

Angie had to stay in the hospital for weeks. It was a difficult time for the entire family as her husband had to stay at home with their boys while she stayed at the hospital under continuous monitoring and medical supervision. Anything could have happened so Angie knew that she had to sacrifice spending time with her husband and the boys at home as long as her daughters aren’t born. It wasn’t easy for Angie or her husband to cope with the situation. Her sons were also missing her at home.

Angie Was Happy Yet Worried At The Same Time

She was happy that she was under continuous medical supervision however the fluid discrepancy was also bringing some very hurtful thoughts in her mind. She had read that triplet pregnancies are usually very tough and sometimes one of the babies is absorbed by the body. So she was very concerned about how her pregnancy will go and will all her daughter have a healthy birth. She was worried but she was trying to be very strong. And that is what was required of her at the moment. Had it been anyone other an Angie, they’d be freaking out but Angie was a strong girl.

What She Was Doing Was Very Brave

She discussed her concerns with the hospital staff and she got very supportive responses from the medical staff. All the nurses and doctors were very supportive of her. As the hospital staff has to regularly face such scenarios, they told Angie that they know it is very difficult for her because of the fluid discrepancy and that she was away from her husband and the boys. They told her that they understand that all these factors are difficult for her to cope with however she has to stay strong. Angie felt a lot better after listening to such supportive comments from medical staff at the hospital.

The Couple’s Love

Her husband used to regularly visit her at the hospital. Both the husband and wife used to share some very loving moments at the hospital. They talked about their unborn daughters. They decided on the names and the husband pointed at three different locations on her stomach and told Angie where each of the baby was. It was a very loving gesture and the couple shared such a lovely moment first time since Angie had been admitted in the hospital. Angie was a bit concerned about how their life would change after this but they both encouraged each other and gave each other confidence. They knew they were going to be great parents to their three daughters as they already were to their boys.

Angie Was Given A Tour Of The Hospital

Few days before the delivery of her triplets, Angie was given a tour of the hospital. She was shown where her triplets would be kept after being born. She was shown the equipment which will be used to stabilize the new born triplets right after they are born. Not only did this tour educate Angie but it also gave her a chance to get out of her hospital room weeks after being admitted. She was really satisfied with the tour and after the tour, her confidence in the hospital staff grew more.

There Was A Lot Of Support From The Medical Staff

The hospital staff showed a lot of care and concern for Angie and her triplets. Her doctor wanted to go as far as possible to prevent a C section. They wanted her to have normal deliveries. However it was all to be decided when the time came. Angie showed great confidence in the hospital staff. The hospital staff also reassured her she was in good hands and that her babies will be taken good care of. However Angie got more and more concerned as the time got near. After being admitted to the hospital for weeks, the time of delivery was coming closer.

She Acted Really Strong

She knew the high risks of her pregnancy. The hospital also labelled her pregnancy as high risk pregnancy due to her having triplets with fluid discrepancy. She knew that one of her babies was going to be smaller than the others. This was because two of the babies were attached to the same placenta and one of them had a relatively larger intake than the other baby. She was ready to overcome the risks as she knew that it was worth it. She could wait to give birth to her daughters.

Angie Was Told That Such Deliveries Can Be Risky

Doctors told Angie that they were trying to give birth through a normal delivery however the option of C section was not being ignored. In fact the doctors were considering a C Section. Angie was told by the medical staff that she may suffer from uncontrolled contractions as well. Angie acted very strong during all this. Even though she felt frightened and tensed at how the pregnancy was going. She also felt a little tense when she was told that she might suffer some uncontrolled contractions.

The Delivery Time Was Getting Near

She came to the hospital for a regular checkup when she was 26 and a half month pregnant. It had been 6 weeks that she was in the hospital. At 32 weeks, they couldn’t wait any longer and the babies had to be delivered. Angie and her husband were very excited and they were hoping that the pregnancy would go well and that all three of their daughters would be born healthy including the one that was smaller than the other two. It was going to be an amazing experience for the family and both Angie and her husband couldn’t wait to hold their baby girls in their arms.

C-Section Was The Ideal Procedure For Such High Risk Pregnancies

When it came to delivering the babies, the doctors went with a C Section. The doctors had already told Angie and her husband that they would try their best to deliver the babies through normal delivery however the option of C Section wasn’t thrown out the window. The doctors knew that such cases can get very complex so you need to keep your options open. They knew that anything could happen so for the safety of the mother and the unborn children, they went with C Section. It was a safer option in such a high risk pregnancy case.

Doctors Had To Keep Such A High Risk Pregnancy Under Control

Another reason the doctors went for C Section was to keep the pregnancy under control. When you are dealing with such a high risk pregnancy it is better to perform a C Section and keep the delivery process under your control than to wait for a normal birth that you cannot control. This was an excellent decision on part of the doctors and it may have been the reason that her delivery went so well. A normal delivery would have been difficult for Angie as well as the babies. The main concern of the doctors was Angie’s health and the health of her babies. They did not want to take any risks especially with the fluid discrepancy and one of the babies being smaller than the other. So a C Section was the ideal choice to control the pregnancy and indirectly maintain the health of the mother and the babies.

The Babies Had To Be Taken To The NICU

As the babies were born they were shifted to the newborn intensive care unit or NICU. They were put on special medical equipment that helped stabilize their breathing and other body functions. All babies born prematurely have to be put on such support so that they can survive the outer world. It helps to stabilize their blood flow and breathing levels. Each of the new born was placed in her own court and separate machines were used for all three babies.

Angie Just Wanted To Hold Her Babies

Angie and her husband were very happy with the delivery. However Angie was a bit sad that she did not get to see the girls right away as they had to be taken to the NICU right after being born. Angie knew that this wait was worth it as her daughters needed to be put under special care for some time. Knew that she waited for nine months for them, a few more hours or days weren’t going to hurt her. She even shed a tear when her babies were born and the health staff told her that the delivery went really well.

Angie Was Getting Anxious To Meet Her Daughters

Angie was feeling very eager and excited to meet her daughters. However as they were on advanced life support in the NICU, all she could was wait until the hospital staff finally brings the girls back to them or she gets better and is allowed to visit them in the NICU. She couldn’t wait anymore. But she knew that her daughters needed to be in a well-equipped NICU near trained nurses who would regularly monitor them. Her babies needed a lot of medical attention and support and she put all her trust in the medical staff and waited until she was allowed to meet her girls.

Reason For The Extra Care

The reason that the triplets needed such extra medical attention was that the babies were born prematurely and one of them was smaller than the other two. So they needed to be put on advanced life support so that they get time to adjust to the new world and so that they can have time to develop. Premature babies usually face health problems as either any of their body part isn’t fully developed or they have low immunity. So to counter these problems they need extra attention. Which was ideally given to Angie’s girls at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital’s NICU.

Mother Meets The Daughters

After Angie got a little better, her husband took her to the NICU to meet their daughters. Angie was very excited and happy. There were so many emotions flying high .She was crying and smiling at the same time. After her two sons she wished of having a girl and she got three. Angie felt great the first time she held the girls in her arms. Her boys were there as well. She was finally going to be going back home with her daughter and her sons whom she had been missing for the past few weeks. She exclaimed that she had been missing her kids for a long time now.

The Medical Staff Made Angie Feel Comfortable

One of the best things about getting admitted to a good hospital is that the staff cares for you like you are their own. They understand the value of human life and try their best to preserve everyone’s life. Not only did the staff at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital help Angie through her pregnancy, they also helped her after the pregnancy. They also shared her happiness like the triplets were part of their own family. The staff loved the happy ending. Things were looking a bit scary when Angie first got admitted to the hospital.

Well Deserved Appreciation For The Doctors And Medical Staff

With constant medical care and monitoring, Angie’s life and her triplet’s life was saved. Thanks to the doctors and medical staff of Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns who acted very professionally and at the right pace. Had Angie not been admitted to the hospital at 26 and a half weeks of being pregnant then things could have become difficult for her and her family. This was a great call on part of the doctor who advised her to get admitted in the hospital right away.

A Happy Ending

The way the hospital staff took care of Angie and her triplets during and after pregnancy has to be commended as well. They truly saved the lives of the mother and her triplets. After Angie recovered and the condition of her triplets stabilized she was discharged from the hospital and she went back to her house to her sons with 3 new family members.