Dr. Colleen Darnell ‘the Vintage Egyptologist’ Shows Her Love For Fashion and Heritage

Social media is filled with accounts that give us all the aesthetically pleasing content that we need. In most cases, social media sites like Instagram fail to provide us with valuable information that is educational instead of just appealing to the human eye. Thankfully, some accounts are stepping up to the challenge and striving to provide content that both looks good and is educational enough for us to learn something from it.

One of the notable accounts of Instagram is of Dr. Colleen Darnell, an American Egyptologist who combines her love of all things vintage with a hint of educational history. If you are a fan of following fashion accounts on Instagram, then Dr. Colleen Darnell leaves no stone unturned when it comes to posting stunning images throughout her feed.

When you combine fashion with history, you get a sense of how pieces of clothing have evolved over the years. It is not just fashionable statement pieces, but authentic fashion from the 1900s that inspires most of what is worn on the red carpet today. Darnell posts stunning photos of herself in statement fashion pieces, combined with long-form captions that provide educational insight regarding how these pieces of clothing are inspired from earlier centuries.

Most of Darnell’s content is focused on the history of Egypt and that certainly leaves us wanting to travel through the beautiful, historically rich country ourselves.

On the Instagram feed, you will find multiple photographs of Darnell and her partner dressed in statement fashion pieces inspired by Egypt. Not only are her dresses inspired by historical references, but even backdrops such as deck chairs are carefully set up to ensure a time-specific setting. She often likes to add a historical background of her appearance and the setting, such as explaining how folding chairs gained immense popularity back in the 1830s in United States.

Darnell further elaborated how deck chairs were a significant part of the many Egyptian-themed ships launched in the 1920s. Chairs were certainly not the only thing inspired by the Egyptian era on those ships, especially since furniture, carpets, and paintings were also featured from the same era. In most cases, Darnell even adds a reference photo to her posts that further add value to her content, such as a photo of two polychrome wood statues from Egypt that are kept safe in a private collection.

If you take a look at Darnell’s photo in a light green sports dress at the Dendera Temple, you might think that she only did it for the aesthetic appeal. To our surprise, Darnell actually plans out each photograph down to the immaculate details and makes sure to include some historical references in the caption. This photograph, for instance, includes details of the reliefs of Edfu as well as their connection with the Old Temple.

If you are looking for a blogger who creates valuable content, then we suggest you follow Dr. Colleen Darnell’s adventures on her Instagram: @vintage_egyptologist.