Early Signs Of Breast Cancer That Are Rarely Talked About

 Everything You Need To Know To Warn Yourself

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis among women, but men can also suffer from it. Don’t give the disease a chance and nip it in the bud. If we detect the disease at an early stage, then full recovery is the most likely prognosis. In concrete terms, the recovery of breast cancer patients with a local process is 99%. The earlier the disease is detected, the higher the chances of recovery we have. We have found and collected a simple tutorial to help you stay healthy.

1. Bumps And Seals

If you feel any lump on your chest, collarbones or armpits, make an appointment with a doctor: even a small lump can be a symptom of the disease.

We often go to the doctor only because of painful sensations, but most often such a seal does not cause discomfort. It can be hard or soft, even almost imperceptible.

2. Red Spots

A common symptom of the disease is a small redness that grows and takes up more and more space. Therefore, pay attention to any specks, even the size of a coin, which was not there before.

If you examine your breasts once a month, any changes will be noticeable. This will allow you to take care of your health on time and not wait until it “passes by itself.”

3. Ripples On The Skin

If the skin on the chest has become tighter, denser, or the “orange peel” effect has appeared on it — do not blame everything on dirty cream or rubbing underwear.

We rarely pay attention to visual changes in the skin. But this is also one symptom that can be overlooked. Just 5 minutes in front of a mirror will help maintain good health.

4. Different Skin Color

A distinct color (beige or brown) may appear on the skin, a rash and itching. It is better to consult a mammalogist and find out the reason for sure.

5. Pain

Pain may appear when we press on the chest with the hand. The discomfort that all girls experience every month does not count — this is normal. But if there is a pulsation in the chest, the ribs are pressed or the back hurts, as if it is bursting from the inside, this may show the development of a tumor. A small monthly check-up will solve this problem with understanding your body’s signals.

6. Swelling Of The Chest

When there is swelling, one breast may become heavier. You will immediately notice the difference when wearing underwear: one breast will be larger than the other. It will look and feel different in the bra as if it has become half small.

Perhaps its shape will become more elongated and unnatural. If one breast has enlarged in just a few weeks, this is worth looking into another.

7. Highlights

An alarming sign is a discharge. This item does not apply to breastfeeding mothers. It is not a good sign that if the discharge is red, yellow or brown — this shows inflammation inside. Take care of yourself and be sure to check with a specialist.

8. Enlarged Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes in the clavicle or underarms may become enlarged. You can find them by touch when using antiperspirant, putting on clothes.

Do not blame everything on seasonal colds and drafts, or hope for strong immunity.

How To Check Yourself

To check your chest, you need to stand in front of a mirror with straight shoulders and arms lowered along the body.

  1. Examine the chest carefully. What we are looking for: a change in the shape and size of the breast, a different skin color.
  2. Raise your hands up and once again examine everything carefully.
  3. Lie on a flat surface.
  4. Feel the left breast with the fingertips of the right hand, and the right breast with the fingers of the left hand. Movements can be circular, directed to the center of the chest, from top to bottom. What we are looking for: bumps and seals. It is better to feel everything: from the armpits to the middle of the chest and from the collarbones to the upper abdomen.
  5.  Feel the chest, but while standing.

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