Father Of The Year Award Goes To Tomas Valero For Protecting The Children


Tomas Valero was a protective father that always put his daughter before anything. However, one fine day she came home from school in tears and this worried Tomas. He asked her and his daughter him everything that had happened in school that led to her tears.

Upon hearing this information, Tomas knew he had to get to the bottom of this so it doesn’t happen again. He came up with a plan to gather evidence and then solve the problem in a creative manner. So, what did Tomas find out? Let’s explore.

Going To School For The First Time

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Children are always scared of going to school for the first time. However, even parents find it hard to send their kids to school for the first time. It isn’t easy because they want the child to have a good experience, but they also know they can’t control it.

On the other hand, the children are terrified because they have never been in front of so many new people. The experience can be overwhelming as their parents are not around to offer them support. Tomas prepared his daughter for this day so she can be comfortable on her first day.

The New Normal


Adjusting to a new environment is never easy for kids, primarily when they are used to their parent’s company and have never spent such a long time apart from them. So, getting used to the new normal is a complicated process, but children ease into it with time.

At first, every small thing can be a significant change for them. Someone’s snarky comment can make children cry because they are not used to handling such things.

So, who was rude to Tomas’s daughter? Was it the students or the teacher? If you want to know more, then keep on reading.

Fearful Daughter


Parents are always protective of their kids. They want the best for their children, and they will do anything to make that happen. So, of course, Tomas went on to do everything in his power to uncover the truth behind his little daughter crying. He wanted to make sure his daughter gets treated nicely in the school.

Looking at his little daughter in his tears brought tears to his eyes as well, and he was shaken after hearing what had transpired. What we are about to tell you will give you even more evidence of how caring and protective Tomas is of his daughter.

Bawling Like A Baby


When Tomas saw his daughter crying, he approached her and asked her what had happened that made her cry. As soon as he asked, his daughter started to bawl even more loudly. At first, Tomas thought that his daughter was probably just nervous on her first day at school.

However, soon he thought that maybe something else had happened that had made her daughter cry. He suspected that she is either getting bullied or scared by someone in school. What he knew for sure was that he had to do something about and protect his daughter. His fatherly instincts kicked in.

Crying Daily


The crying wasn’t a one-time occurrence. Every day, Tomas’s daughter would come back from school and start crying. She bawled loudly and kept telling him that she did not want to go back to school. Seeing this broke Tomas’s heart, and he wanted to know what was happening in the school.

Tomas knew he had to do something and stop this from happening again. He couldn’t see his daughter like this, but he wanted to develop a smart plan that would uncover what was happening. He didn’t want his daughter to start hating school as that would jeopardize her future.

The Situation Worsened


Things weren’t easy in their household. For months, Tomas’s daughter came back from school crying, and she started hating going to school. She developed such extreme hatred for the school that she started crying before every class. Tomas encouraged and motivated her, but it didn’t work.

There came the point where Tomas’s daughter was terrified of going to school. It got worse day by day. Tomas grew more worrisome as days passed, and he was determined to do something to find out what was going on. He had to find a creative way to uncover what was happening.

Understanding What Was Happening


The problem was that Tomas’s daughter was always crying without telling him the reason. Whenever he asked the reason for her crying, she would cry even more. She only said to him that she hated school, and she never wanted to go there again.

So, it became difficult to understand the reason for her hatred and constant crying. It was heartbreaking to see his daughter in so much pain because Tomas only wanted the best for her. All he wanted was for his daughter to be happy, so he resorted to a plan that would uncover what was going on.

Issues In School


It was difficult for Tomas to digest that his daughter was having problems in school. She would always make friends easily, and she thrived in environments with new people around. The crying was out of character for her, so the parents thought something serious was going on.

Ever since she started attending kindergarten at the Pine Grove Elementary School, her behavior changed. She had all the qualities of a kid that would do well in school, but that wasn’t the case, and with each day, the worrying increased.

Changing Personality


Tomas’s daughter was an incredibly cheerful and lively child. She was always happy, and she always tried to make others laugh. However, ever since she started going to school, her personality changed.

She went from being a lively kid to a sad kid, which made Tomas and his wife feel helpless. They hated seeing their daughter in this condition, and they wanted her to feel happy and lively again.

It was time to do something about this situation because they were done feeling helpless. They wanted to make their daughter happy, and they would stop at nothing to uncover what was happening.

 The Star Of The School


Tomas’s daughter was attending another school before he transferred her to Pine Grove Elementary. In her previous school, she excelled in everything. She loved going to school, she got good grades, was friends with everyone, and the teachers loved her.

That is why Tomas knew that something was wrong with the school and not his daughter because she loved going to school. She loved making new friends, too, so the adjustment wasn’t the problem.

Tomas knew something else was happening because nothing could make his daughter cry like this every day. Things were difficult for her, and he understood that.

Finding A Solution


Tomas wanted his daughter to tell him what was going on, but that wasn’t happening. He also didn’t want to force her to tell him because he knew it would make her even more upset. So, he knew that he had to find a creative solution to understand what was going on in school.

It was the first time that Tomas felt helpless and frustrated as a father. However, instead of basking in his misery, Tomas was committed to finding out what was happening. He was thinking of ways every day to find a solution for the troubles his daughter was facing.

Worrisome Days


As days passed by, Tomas started worrying even more, and rightly so. No parent can see their kid being traumatized and bawling their eyes out every day. It is a heartbreaking sight to see that no parent should ever go through.

It was even worse for Tomas because his daughter wasn’t able to speak up about the trauma she was going through daily. So, it worried Tomas more and more every day, and he wanted to uncover the root cause of the traumatic incident that was taking place. It was time for him to step up and find a solution.

 Who Could It Be?


All parents want to do is ensure that their kids are happy and thriving. Tomas and his wife wanted the same thing for their kids. They wanted to provide them with a peaceful and happy life. However, this was becoming increasingly difficult because of what was going on at school.

Tomas and his wife felt that a teacher or classmate in school was perhaps bullying their daughter. Bullying is not okay under any circumstance, and they hated seeing their daughter stressed and traumatized because of it. They wanted to know who was behind it. Was it a staff member or a student?

 Patience Is A Virtue


Patience is a trait everyone needs. When you become a parent, you start becoming more patient because having kids teaches you its importance. Parents need this patience so they can help their kids navigate life. After all, they can’t control what happens to their kids but how they react to it.

However, it was difficult exercising patience for Tomas and his wife when their daughter came crying to them every day after school. They saw their daughter growing more fearful and anxious with each passing day, which broke their hearts even more.

Early Years Are Formative Years


Young kids are in their formative years. That is the time they absorb everything as whatever happens to them shapes their behavior. At a young age, whatever we go through shapes our lives for better or for worse. Tomas knew that whatever was happening with his daughter would impact her in years to come.

That is why Tomas and his wife knew they had to act urgently. We can only hope that whatever the daughter was going through at the time didn’t scar her for life. We are sure Tomas and his wife helped their daughter.

A Mean Mentor


It is expected that when children go to school, they will find other children who may be mean to them. However, what parents don’t expect is the teacher to be mean to children. After all, teachers are mentors, and they are supposed to provide nourishment and love to children.

Being rude and harsh with young students is not the kind of behavior that teachers should engage in. Harsh words can have a significant impact on children. If a teacher is cruel, then students will not listen, and this will hinder their learning. Tomas wanted his daughter to thrive in school.

Ideas Bubbling


Enough was enough. Tomas and his wife were sick of what was happening, and it was time for them to do something. Since their daughter wasn’t telling them anything, they had to be creative while devising a plan to uncover what was happening.

Tomas had an idea bubbling inside his head, and he executed it perfectly. If you are a parent and your kid is having trouble at school, you should note of what he did. Every parent should be solving their kid’s problems in these creative yet brilliant ways.

Confidence In The Idea


It was time for Tomas’s daughter to stop suffering. He was determined to execute the idea in his head, and nothing would stop him. He wanted his daughter to feel comfortable and safe in school, and he wanted to eliminate this issue for her. He wanted her to go on living a happy life.

The plan was bold, but both Tomas and his wife had confidence in it. They knew if they executed it right then, they could understand what was happening and take care of the issue. Once you hear the idea, even you will appreciate the brilliance of it.

Finding A Way Around


Tomas and his wife knew that they couldn’t just visit the classroom. When parents are around, students and teachers act nicely, so they will never see the root cause of the problem this way. They had to think of a method of examining what was happening inside the classroom without being present.

Tomas and his wife had many ideas in their head, but they had to choose the best one. Their top priority was to maintain 100% privacy while executing their plan. That is what their idea had to revolve around. So, if you were in their shoes, would you do the same thing?

Employing The Aid Of Technology


Technology is the biggest blessing, sometimes. Tomas knew that he needed to maintain privacy while understanding what was happening. So, he came up with a solution that involved employing technology. It would help him to uncover what was going on inside the class while providing him the evidence.

According to Tomas, the safest way was to get a recording device inside the class to understand what was going on. It was his chance to uncover everything and put his daughter out of her misery once and for all. So, what did they end up hearing? Was the cause of their daughter’s misery a classmate or a staff member?

What Will They Uncover?


Now that Tomas knew what he had to do, it was time for him to have all the necessary supplies. He got everything he needed to execute the plan flawlessly. He was anxious because he would finally uncover what was happening, and while this made him happy, it also made him nervous.

After all, what was Tomas going to uncover? He wanted to see his daughter happy and thriving, and now was his time to do everything he could to understand what was going on. Will Tomas find the culprit? Keep reading to find out.

 The Evidence


Tomas had planted the recording device on his daughter, and he was anxiously waiting for her to return home. As soon as she entered the house, Tomas took the recording device and listened to its content. What was on the device shocked Tomas to the core. He couldn’t believe his ears.

However, a sense of relief also passed him because he knew that now he could fix things. Now it was time to do what was right so his daughter could be free from her misery.

The Culprit


All suspicions came to an end when Tomas and his wife knew who was behind their daughter’s misery. It was the teacher. The teacher was extremely cruel towards the students, and this behavior was not acceptable. Kindergartners are to be shown love and affection. They should not be treated brutally.

Tomas listened to every word on the recording from the beginning till the end. However, he needed to be sure of this before taking any other step to rectify this issue. He needed to be 100% sure it was the teacher so things could be set right.

The Cruel Teacher


After listening to the recording, Tomas understood that the teacher was cruel to the students. She was using harsh words and saying rude things that no one should say to anyone, let alone a teacher. What was happening was not okay with him, and it was time for him to rectify this situation.

Tomas and other parents paid the school a significant sum of tuition fees, and after seeing such behavior from the teacher, he felt it was going to waste. The teacher was misusing her power, and this was not okay at all. Any parent would feel the same.

The Next Step


Now that Tomas had all the evidence he needed to do something, he needed to plan what he would do next. What the teacher was doing was utterly absurd. She was screaming at kids, using an offensive tone, and terrifying them with her behavior.

However, Tomas knew he had to tread carefully so that the school could do something. He wondered if he should just tell the school or do something creative instead.

The next step was going to be difficult, but it would be worth it. It was time the teacher stops terrorizing the kids.

Time To Take Action


Finally, Tomas knew everything and had all the evidence he needed to do something about this issue. He learned that the teacher was cruel, vile, and time for her to learn her lesson. So, instead of directly going to the school, Tomas decided to go to the public school district.

Tomas brought this issue up with someone that was in a position of power. He wanted someone to do something about it immediately and felt this was the step in the right direction. It was the most rational thing to do.

Official Accusation


Tomas was so furious at the teacher that he did not want to confront her directly. He didn’t want the traumatizing episodes to be trivialized, so he tried to speak to someone authoritative. He went to the state school board and told them everything that had happened.

Tomas did not keep a single detail to himself. He told every detail because he wanted everyone to know how the teacher was terrorizing little kids. We thought it was the right thing to do and a well-calculated move by him. After all, bullying kids is not okay.

The Board Didn’t Seem To Care


Tomas thought that when he would tell the story to the school board with the evidence he had, they would do something about it. However, the school board was least bothered and didn’t give him the response he expected.

It isn’t easy to bring these things up, but Tomas brought it up in the hopes that the life of his daughter at school would get better. At that time, the school had failed him.

They took it lightly and weren’t bothered to say or do anything even after hearing the recordings. Tomas felt helpless, and he didn’t know what to do.

The Board Failed To Take Action


Tomas’s concern was valid, and he expressed it clearly to the board. He also provided evidence so the school could understand the entirety of the situation. He wanted to paint them a full picture, and he did this flawlessly. After that, he expected some level of support from the board.

However, the board said that they would look into this matter and talk to the teacher. Talking was not enough because she would continue to do this, and it seemed as if the school was supporting her behavior. Tomas was not okay with this at all, and no parent would be.

Disappointed Father


The level of concern that the school board showed was appalling to Tomas. He knew his complaint was valid and important because it was not just about his daughter. Other students were also being terrorized. He couldn’t just let this happen to little kids.

Tomas knew he had to go to someone else who would do something about it. He wanted someone to fight with him for change, and he figured out another plan so his voice could be heard by people that cared. What Tomas decided to do this time was more extreme than before.

Bigger Problems At Hand


A few days after talking to the board, Tomas received a call from the school. The school offered to move his daughter to another class with another teacher to have a more comfortable experience. However, this was not okay at all. The problem was more significant than that.

Other kids were suffering too, and just moving his daughter to a new class didn’t seem like a viable solution. Tomas wanted to help other kids as well, and so he thought he would not be let down this easily. He would continue to fight for all the kids in the class.

Time For Reinforcements


Tomas was tired of the attitude of the school. If they didn’t take action, then the teacher would continue to ruin many students’ lives. He couldn’t just let this happen, but he also knew he couldn’t fight them alone. He needed help from other parents, as well.

Tomas called up the other parents, and all of them were protesting the school so that their children could be well taken care of. All of these efforts were going in vain because the school authorities were still not taking any action. Such an attitude disappointed the parents, but it also drove them even further to create change.

Petition For Action


It wasn’t long before every person in the local community knew about this issue, and the teacher. Her name was Mrs. Duncan. Everyone in the community was concerned, but they needed a little push to act on this concern and help Tomas out.

So, Tomas created a petition for everyone to sign. The petition stated that Mrs. Duncan should be removed from her position. The support from the community was astounding as it received more than two-thousand signatures.

However, was the petition enough for her to be dismissed? Or will the school protect her once more?

Media Frenzy


Creating a petition was a step in the right direction because it created a media uproar. Tomas was in the spotlight, and the media had many questions for him. They wanted to interview him so the real story could be out and understand the situation deeply.

Tomas is a true testament to how far parents can go to protect their children. After all, parents want their children to be happy, and they would do anything to make sure they receive their share of joy. Tomas was doing this too, and finally, his concern was getting the attention it deserved.

National Attention


The story of Tomas and his daughter went national. People from all over were appreciating him and cheering him on. However, you will be surprised to know that Pine Grove Elementary School still did not fire Mrs. Duncan. Yes, that is right. She continued to teach.

The school did say that they have disciplined the teacher and that such behavior will not happen again. Tomas was disappointed and hopeful that the teacher had learned her lesson and would change for the better. If you were in his shoes, how would you feel and react to the school’s inaction?

Mental Trauma


Anything negative that happens during childhood can leave a mental scar on a child. Their early years are incredibly important, so it is crucial to protect children from trauma. Children take their childhood experiences into adulthood, and so, having a positive childhood experience is essential.

If you are a teacher, then you should never displace your anger on the kids. Always treat them with love and care because children are the most fragile of all. Help them take positive experiences into their adulthood. Tomas believed that the teacher could change for the better but do you think that too?

Protection From Trauma


We applaud Tomas for everything he did to bring justice to the kids. If this ordeal had happened for longer, his daughter would have been mentally scarred forever. He rectified the problem before it got worse. He protected his daughter and countless other kids from the traumatizing experience.

He advises all parents not to tolerate poor behavior from anyone when it comes to their children. Always stand up for your child because letting it go will damage them, and they will carry that experience with themselves forever.

Parents Are Role Models


Parents are more than just disciplinarians. They are role models and mentors for their kids. However, the one thing all parents struggle with is forgiving themselves. It is human to make mistakes, but parents don’t want to make any blunders when it comes to their children.

That is why parents are always conscious of how they behave and act in front of their children. As a parent, you need to do the right thing and set an example for your children because they always imitate parents and role models. Tomas set a fantastic example by standing up for his daughter.

Always Do Your Best


Life is unpredictable. We can plan many things, but nothing will happen the way we think it will. Many parents protect their children from the realities of life or set high standards for them that are impossible to achieve. As a parent, you should always teach your children that it is okay to make mistakes.

If you make a mistake, then you should always aim to rectify it so that your kids can learn from your behavior. That is the best thing you can do for them as kids tend to feel pressured when told it’s not okay to err.

What It Means To Be A Teacher


Teaching is not just about giving a good lesson; it is much more than that, especially for young kids. They are impressionable, fragile, and they look up to authoritative figures for support and guidance. Children continuously learn from them, and so they have the burden of passing on their wisdom.

That is why teachers should always be conscious of their treatment and behavior towards children. They should always be positive and lovingly treat the children. Being a teacher is about being a role model and a mentor. So, if you are a teacher, then be a good one.

 Tomas’s Consistent Efforts


Unfortunately, Mrs. Duncan ruined the image of other teachers in the community as well. However, not all teachers treat kids in such a manner. Teachers know that they have to treat children lovingly, which is the kind of behavior they display. Of course, Mrs. Duncan was an exception.

Tomas acted quickly and made a substantial effort to rectify the situation before Mrs. Duncan caused severe damage to his daughter’s mental health. We hope his efforts were enough to light a spark in other parents to take action against cruel teachers. No kid deserves to be treated in this manner.

Second Chances


The school didn’t take action, and Mrs. Duncan is still a teacher there. All the parents hoped that she had learned her lesson and would change her behavior towards the children. However, as a parent, it is frustrating to wait and watch nothing being done. It is the hardest one can do when it comes to children.

The parents who have their children in Mrs. Duncan’s class closely monitor the situation and talk to their kids to learn what the classroom environment is now. It is hard to trust her again, but they hope she will make positive use of this second chance.

 Us Vs. Them


When Tomas got to know about all this through the recording device, he knew he had to take action. It wasn’t just about his daughter but the future of the class and the school. However, when he talked to the school, he felt that what he is saying is falling on deaf ears.

Tomas felt that the school was taking the teacher’s side, and it was them vs. the parents. He wanted to work together with the school and fix the situation as he did not want any more children in harm’s way.

Coming Out Strong


The battles we fight make us stronger. The entire ordeal was incredibly problematic, but both Tomas and his daughter came out strong. They overcame this problem, and Tomas did everything he could to help his daughter in this situation. Just like what any other parent would do.

Had Tomas not done anything, the situation would have become even worse, and who knows what would have happened. The teacher would have kept terrorizing, and many children would have gone through a terrible time in school, just like his daughter. He put a stop to such behavior at the right time.

Hero In Disguise


Tomas’s efforts paid off. His daughter has now changed classes, and she doesn’t come home crying from school anymore. Her cheerfulness and liveliness have returned, and Tomas couldn’t be happier. Her academic performance has also improved, and now she looks forward to going to school in the morning.

Tomas has taught us that we should pay attention to all the details of our kids because they will not always express what is going on. He noticed this and decided to something about it. That is why Tomas is a hero.

Supportive Parents


Parents should always support their children, no matter what. That is what Tomas did, and it showed his daughter that he would always be there for her even in her darkest times. Kids need this support and assurance so they can thrive in life.

All great parents try to understand what is happening in their kid’s life. If anything is going wrong, then they take the necessary steps to rectify the situation. That is what Tomas did, and he provided constant support to his daughter. We hope one day all of us have the strength to be such supportive parents.

Never-Ending Love


Tomas and his wife Laici both share the responsibility of teaching their children important life lessons. Laici always keeps the children happy and tells them things many parents don’t tell their kids at an early age. That is why their children are known to be brilliant for their age.

Tomas and Laici always want the best for their kids and have their best interests in mind. When their daughter’s behavior was off, they felt it instantly and then went on to rectify it so that their daughter could go back to being happy again.

 Leading By Example


Kids are imitators. They see the behavior of older people and copy them instantly. That is why it is essential to behave consciously in front of children. If you want them to be loving, kind, and compassionate beings, you need to set an example from the start.

To build a strong foundation for them, you need to give them an environment of stability at home. Peace and groundedness will provide them with the strength they need to go through tough times. After all, everything starts at home. Tomas’s daughter is fortunate to have such an exemplary father.

Planning Ahead


It is not comfortable transitioning to parenthood. It is a lifelong journey that teaches you everything as you go along, just like any other journey. However, Tomas and his wife prepared ahead.

They knew that having a child was a big responsibility, and they wanted to be ready every time. So, before having each child, they prepared themselves emotionally, mentally, and financially.

It is something everyone can learn from. Having children is a responsibility, and one needs to be adequately prepared so they can handle it.

Happily Married


Parenthood is not the only thing Tomas and his wife focus on. They work hard at their marriage to provide a healthy and stable environment for their children that is filled with positivity. The couple met while Tomas was serving in the army.

It didn’t take long before Tomas and Laici clicked. They instantly fell in love, and they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Having love in the household is essential for the growth of the children. That is why their daughter got back on her feet quickly after being terrorized by the teacher.

Being Apart


Being married and living in two different cities is not easy. However, it is even more difficult when your husband is in the military. It gives you more anxiety because you know that anything can happen and you may not see him again.

Of course, it was hard for Tomas, too, as he missed his wife. He missed having a home and a freshly cooked meal prepared by her. Despite being away, Tomas was always there for his family. Whenever they needed him, he provided them with emotional and moral support. Laici and his kids are incredibly lucky to have him.

 It’s A Wonderful Life


Tomas missed his family terribly. He thought about them all the time, even while he was working. There wasn’t a second when he didn’t miss them. However, he was happy and at peace because he knew that Laici would take care of the kids and herself as well as him.

On the other hand, Laici also thought about Tomas all the time. She missed the emotional and moral support he offered during tough times. Both of them trusted each other and knew that soon they would reunite. The hope of seeing each other again kept them going every day.



Tomas and Laici’s firstborn was Aliyah. She was an incredibly cute and peaceful child. She always obeyed her parents and had no trouble socializing with other kids of her age. Tomas was still deployed when Aliya was an infant, and Laici missed him even more.

Laici wanted Tomas to see all the impressive milestones that their beautiful daughter was reaching. Every time Tomas came back, he was ecstatic to see both of them and took every detail of Aliyah’s life from Laici.

Seeing them and spending time with them like this made it all worth it in the end.

A Well-Mannered Girl


Baby Aliyah was a dream come true for Laici and Tomas. She never gave them any trouble as her manner was mild. She stayed quiet the whole time, even when they were inside airports and airplanes. It was a blessing for the parents.

Aliyah rarely ever cried or disturbed them. She was a dream come true for them. Her behavior made them incredibly happy as they did not have any issues with her. Their firstborn brought so much happiness that Tomas and Laici always wondered how they got this lucky.

Blast From The Past


Firstborns are always unique. It is the first experience of being a parent for couples, and they treat them with royalty. Tomas did nothing less. He loved Aliyah with all his heart and took countless pictures with her whenever he got the chance.

He wanted to have as many memories as possible to look back at this time and try to feel the same feelings again. We love this picture, and you can see the love Tomas has for his daughter. However, we think he could have used a better quality camera to capture the beautiful moment and do justice.

Two Beautiful Babies


After Aliyah, Tomas and Laici had another beautiful baby girl. They were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to spoil and love her as well. Both the children were quiet, mild-mannered, and didn’t give much hassle to the couple. Tomas and Laici loved them equally and thanked every day for having these two beautiful princesses.

The love parents have for their children knows no bounds, and Tomas provided them with everything they need. Both the parents were a pillar of constant support and love that the girls needed to grow into beautiful human beings.

Home Sweet Home


Do you know what makes parents happy? Seeing that their household is full of gratitude and love. That is the ultimate achievement for any parent. Tomas and Laici worked hard to turn their household into a home full of love. Of course, this effort did not go in vain at all.

The picture is of Aliyah, and Tomas took these pictures to capture how much Aliyah’s teeth had grown. Isn’t this the most adorable picture you have seen today? We indeed think so.

Another Baby


Tomas and Laici wanted a big family. They wanted to have as many kids as they could support, and so they decided to have a third child. Their family was about to be complete because they had a boy on the way. Two beautiful girls and one infant boy that was about to be born.

When the baby boy came, the sisters were incredibly joyous as well. It was one of the happiest moments for the family because their dream of being a big family was finally coming close. There was love and joy all around the Valero household.

Harmony In The House


The two girls were not jealous for a minute. They loved their baby brother and wanted to spend all their time with him. They didn’t fight, and all of them were incredibly loving towards each other. Nothing made Tomas and Laici happier than seeing this sight in their house.

All the siblings became best friends and had each other’s backs. There was harmony and peace in the household as none of the kids were rowdy or made a mess. Tomas and Laici were grateful for this, and they hoped it would stay like this for years to come.

 Social Media Frenzy


Kids are all about technology these days as they love using it. Tomas’s daughters were obsessed with Snapchat, and they loved how they looked in the Snapchat photo filters. They loved taking pictures with each other all day. Laici loved posting them on social media, and all their friends and family looked forward to her adorable posts.

That is why Tomas wanted to fix everything for his daughter. He wanted his household to have peace, harmony, and love again. These were things that had been missing ever since Mrs. Duncan came into the picture.

The View From The Top


We already talked about how calm and peaceful Aliyah was to handle. She never made a fuss, and her parents thanked her for this behavior as this made parenting a little easier on them. However, there was one thing that she loved and always wanted.

Aliyah loved it when Tomas kept her on his shoulders and walked around with her. She loved seeing the world from his eyes, and she loved this attention from her father. It was always a fantastic experience for her, and she looked forward to these rides that Tomas gave her.

Sharing Memories


Parenthood may be filled with responsibilities, but it is also filled with beautiful moments that you will never experience otherwise. Such moments include getting dressed up and attending events together. Parents love to dress their kids up, and so did Tomas and Laici. They loved how beautiful their kids looked when dressed up.

Of course, it was more than that. They loved going to events because they wanted to make memories with each other and their kids. That is all that Tomas and Laici wanted; to make memories and share the love with the kids.

Bedtime Stories


Bedtime stories are an essential part of every child’s life. It is a way of spending time with their parents, and it helps them fall asleep quickly. Tomas loved this time with his kids, and he read bedtime stories to Aliyah ever since she was an infant.

It became a ritual for Tomas and Aliyah, and they loved this time together. It brought them close and deepened their bond. Tomas made sure that all kids would have great childhood memories while growing up. Reading bedtime stories was his way of making sure of that. How cute does this father-daughter duo look?

An Aura Of Positivity


When Tomas and Laici were about to have their firstborn, they promised themselves that they would always put their children’s needs ahead of their own. They kept this promise because they were always striving towards keeping their children happy. It was their primary purpose in life.

Tomas had a difficult job, and he had a lot to deal with after being deployed. However, he never let all of this affect the way he acted in front of his children. He always had a smile on his face, and he made sure that this positivity rubbed off on them too.

The Perfect Family


The Valero family is filled with gratitude, love, and positivity. The saddest part is when Tomas leaves, but when he gets back, the entire family dances with joy. The children miss him terribly when he is gone, and they are always counting days to when he will be coming back.

Of course, the children love their mother equally as well. They always obey her and love her. However, Aliyah loves being the oldest. She gets to teach a lot to her siblings and help them out when they need it. It is a beautiful sight to see when the children work together.

 Holiday Season


The holiday is an excellent time for the family. The entire family comes together to share love, joy, gifts, and delicious meals. Tomas and his family spend every holiday together. They love playing games, eating delicious food, and being showered with affection from their parents.

The most surprising part is that Aliyah was scared of Santa Claus at first. However, she got over that fear, and now she looks forward to getting presents from Santa every Christmas. Don’t you love seeing your children’s faces light up when they open up their presents? We wish we could see Aliyahs.

They Grow Up Too Fast


Time flies by quickly. Tomas and Laici hate seeing their kids grow up so fast. Their kids are still little infants in their eyes that need to be showered with immense love and affection. They wish they could slow down time so that their kids didn’t have to grow up too fast.

Tomas and Laici feel that their kids are growing faster, and they want them to go back to when they were little kids. After all, who can blame them? They have the cutest kids in the entire world, and we would love to see more of their childhood too.

Respecting Choices


Tomas never forced his daughter to tell him what was happening throughout this entire ordeal. Do you know why that was the case? Tomas respected her choices and wanted her to share the information only if she felt comfortable with it. That is the respect he gave to his little kids, and that is why they loved him so much.

Tomas’s love for his children is unconditional, and he would never force them to do anything. That is not what love means to him. The meaning of love for Tomas is to provide unconditional support.

Always Present


Even when Tomas is not there physically due to his job’s nature, he makes sure he is there to emotionally and morally support his kids. He makes sure that his kids get everything they need and that they are taken care of while he is far away.

What transpired with the school and Mrs. Duncan shows how much Tomas is there for his kids. He always wants to see them happy, and he would do anything to guarantee that. His kids are incredibly lucky to have him and Laici as parents.

Father Of The Year


If there were a father of the year award, it would go to Tomas Valero. He showed incredible courage and helped his daughter get through the worst time of her life. He showed determination, strength and did everything he could in his power to make things okay again.

Tomas is an example to all parents out there to put the wellbeing of their children first. We appreciate him for coming up with a fantastic idea and executing it even brilliantly. He is the father of the year for us, and all should learn from him.