Halle Berry remembers a classic Bond bikini almost two decades later: ‘We Tried on So Many.’

Halle Berry was a swimsuit hottie from the beginning. The 55-year-old shared fresh insights regarding her “iconic Bond bathing costume” that impacted mainstream cinema in the early seventies while thinking about her top fashion performances of all time.

The star laid down 12 major fashion highlights from 1986 to the present for Vogue’s Life in Looks column, but it’s only fitting since her famed itty-bitty orange bikini lived up to expectations.

Berry first wore the iconic bikini in the 2002 James Bond thriller Die Another Day, during which she portrayed Jinx, a fictitious National Security Agency employee. The front was customary, while the base had a broad white belt.

“We tried on so many beach suits,” she said to the audience as the beautiful bikini showed just on display. “There are so many bikinis and belts.”

“This appears straightforward, but it was a whole scenario,” she added, emphasizing that “choosing the appropriate color and fit” was difficult. Berry in a question and answer session, revealed that the team deliberately picked the iconic orange bikini worn by her character after much thought.

Berry and her crew had no idea the bikini would just go down in the books when they chose it. “We had a feeling that since it was in a Bond movie, it would become an iconic scene,” she continued, “something that would survive for a very, very long time.”

But, despite the fact that it seemed to be a piece of cake, trying to make it look casually attractive wasn’t quite a piece of cake! “The most difficult acting task I had was making it appear like the water was warm and I was having a great time while I was freezing my buttocks off,” she said.

The latter demonstrates that the native of Ohio was destined for the job. “This was a tough Bond Girl – she was right up there with Bond,” Berry revealed. “She was his accomplice in crime. That was really thrilling for me.”

Berry made news last year when she recreated the classic Die Another Day swimsuit. The actress came to Instagram sporting an orange Boohoo swimsuit design that was very similar to the original. She accessorized with a wide-brimmed straw hat from the accessories label Hat Attack.

Berry stated in the description under her photo, “Never been to a shady beach.” The shot has already received almost 500,000 likes – with people sharing, commenting, and tagging their friends and families.