Harry Styles’ Potential Olivia Wilde’s References on ‘Harry’s House’

In the search for hints! A new album from Harry Styles has admirers pouring through the lyrics, searching for clues regarding his romance with Olivia Wilde.

When they were spotted cuddling at Styles’ manager’s marriage in January 2021, the 28 years old Grammy winner and the 38 years Booksmart filmmaker were initially connected. Since then, the couple has kept a low profile regarding their relationship, although some of the dialogue on Harry’s House suggests that they are extremely content together.

In a conversation with SiriusXM Hits 1 on May 20, on the album’s launch day, the singer of “Watermelon Sugar” remarked, “I do not think I might have produced this album if I was not in a position where I felt as If I was permitted to.” As a result, “I think that is very much up towards both my friends and the atmosphere that I believe like the followers have built for me in order to go and perform what I want to produce.”

Styles revealed in an interview that the song “Love of My Life” is a tribute to his native England rather than a love affair with a lover. He says, “Whoa, maybe you do not realize it is lost until you rediscover it,” in the song’s chorus. Even though I did not want this to happen, it is what it is, and I have no idea where your flight will take you.”

On tour and shooting, former One Direction member Zayn Malik has spent a lot of time home and abroad. This tour will conclude in March 2023 when he performs on all four of the remaining continents of the world. The European leg of Love on Tour will begin next month.

While it may sound like a punishing schedule, Dunkirk star Michael Caine enjoys it. I can feel that the audience wants me to have a good time because they are so emotionally kind,” he stated in an interview with Apple Music on Monday, May 16. I love being on stage and performing for audiences. As a result, it is quite easy to say, “When it is no longer fun, I will stop.”

His acting career is also taking off, and his next film, Do not Worry Darling, will be out in September. In addition to Chris Pine & Florence Pugh, the picture is directed by Wilde.

Styles made a rare reference to his fiancée on his Harry’s Home press tour, expressing to Howard Stern how often he liked working on Do not Worry Darling with her. ‘It was an amazing experience working with Olivia,’ he remarked after the performance on May 18. “At times, acting is a little unnerving. You have to put your faith in a lot of people. Having the ability to rely on your director was a huge assistance.”

Please continue reading for a comprehensive list of Harry’s House tracks that reference Wilde.

Sushi Restaurant Music

He told Apple Music that he intended this album opener to “establish the tone” for the record and that he was pleased with the results. Aside from a brief mention of someone with “green eyes” who might “fry an egg” on them, the lyrics are largely impressionistic. The song mentions a brown-eyed individual in the last line; however, Wilde had blue-green eyes.

‘Late Night Conversations’

This song does not include any particular references to the Drinking Buddies actress, but it is all around falling in love with someone after a lot of conversation. “It is just been a few days, but I miss you,” he croons. “Now that you are in my life / I can not get you off my mind,” the song sings, “we have been doing all this late night chatting / ‘Bout whatever you want till the morning.”

The Way It Is’

Wilde’s two kids with ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis, whom she divorced in November 2020, are hinted at in the first track from Harry’s House. The Eternals star sings, “I do not want to talk about how it was.”. “Two children will follow her if she leaves the United States.”


‘Cinema’ is a love song that uses a cinematic metaphor to describe falling in love. In the chorus, Styles says, “I just think you are awesome / I like your movies.” “Do you think I am cool, too? / Or am I overly obsessed with you?” Others believe the “cinema” line alludes to Wilde, a well-known performer and filmmaker.

“I do not know why but it seems so right to me / Something in the way you move / I enjoy it when you dance with me,” sings the “Kiwi” singer in the second stanza. As many of her admirers already know, Wilde has been seen dancing in the crowd at numerous Styles’ concerts. Additionally, they were spotted dancing aboard an Italian boat in July 2021.


Staying till the dawn / ‘Cause, babe, loving you’s the real deal,” says Styles in the second stanza of this lively song. As the song goes, “When you give me all of your love, give me something to dream about,” it simply feels natural. Aside from saying he will “be gone for so long,” he also mentions that he will be away from friends and family throughout his prolonged tour.