How Females Stay Healthy From Childhood To Old Age

From childhood to adulthood, women stay healthy mentally and physically by focusing on a few key elements in their lives. Taking care of themselves begins with the proper nurturing and care from birth on throughout all of the stages of a woman’s life.

It starts with prenatal care and nurture

For a female to get her best start in life, it’s going to begin with a mother who cared enough to get proper prenatal attention. Getting proper medical care or being fed and diapered is only the beginning. The emotional and mental aspects of growing into a healthy woman are important too. It helps if they have a good start in life with a parent who reads and sings to them while being held and cuddled as an infant. It also helps if she is encouraged to dream.  Being held and nurtured are very important foundation-building steps for becoming a healthy woman.

Entering the teen transition

As a girl enters her teens, there’s a lot of changes going on, and the healthiest teens are allowed to ask questions and see their doctor to discuss their changing bodies. It’s important that pre-teen girls have someone they can talk to about all the rapid changes happening in their bodies and with their emotions. The more prepared they are at facing these changes, the more confident they will be in pushing through them on into adulthood.

Onto college, career years and young adulthood

As they enter young adulthood, there will be decisions about college or careers and relationships. If a good foundation has been established to this point, the transition will be smoother than those girls who lack self esteem or are already struggling with their femininity. As she begins to make decisions about starting a family, it’s important to never neglect other health issues such as heart disease or cancer risks as well as reproductive health issues.

Gracefully growing old

Paying attention to her health as she continues to age is a key to living longer. But, this includes staying mentally and emotionally healthy and well balanced as well. As a woman moves into mid-life and then on into being an older adult female, she can age more gracefully if she has learned to be happy, embraces her strengths, and laughs often. Physically, this means knowing and understanding health risks like cancer or heart health facts and putting into action a healthy lifestyle.

The healthy woman

Achieving optimal health as a female involves maintaining a physical health, a mental health, and emotional health with confidence. Stay as active as possible without overdoing it, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Keep a healthy balance in everything. Throughout every stage of a woman’s life, she will be her healthiest if she is allowed to express her strengths and embrace change at every turn.