How To Build Resilience In Your Children?

COVID-19 has taken all of us by storm. Besides impacting our physical health, this deadly virus has impacted our mental health as well. The virus has greatly impacted the children’s mental health as well. Almost all of them are isolated and in quarantine and have not gone to school for months. Besides, they are scared of the virus infecting their loved ones as well.

This chronic stress can greatly impact the mental health of your children. This is why you need to provide them a stress-free environment at home to help them deal with this stressful time. In addition to this, you also need to teach the art of resilience to your children as well. When they will know how to deal with an adverse situation, their mental health will improve as well.

Why Teaching Resilience To Your Children Is Important?

While as a parent you want to protect your children from every adversity and hardship that life throws at them, you need to understand that you will not be always there to protect your child.

The hardship your child faces can have a long term impact on their brain as well. It can alter their brain architecture and impair their emotional development as well. As a result, they may have many problems in their futures such as troubled relationships getting in trouble with the law.

Apart from this, it can also have a negative impact on the health of your child. Chronic stress can lead to many health issues such as heart attack, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. They may get involved in drugs and alcohol as well. In extreme cases, they may even consider suicide too.

This is why you need to teach them the art of resilience and how to deal with these negative situations themselves. This is going to benefit them a lot in the future as well.

How To Teach Resilience To Your Children?

As a parent, it is your duty to take care of the mental health of your children along with physical health. This is why you need to teach them the art of resilience. Resilience will help them a lot in dealing with adverse situations in the future. So, how can you build resilience in your children? Keep reading to find out.

#01. Listen To Them

The most important thing to consider while building resilience in your kids is letting them talk and speak their heart out. When you listen to what they have to say, it will give them a feeling of acceptance and validation. This in turn will prove to them that someone cares about them.

#02. Trust Them

The next important thing is to trust your child enough to let them make their own decisions.  You need to show them that you trust them no matter what. Trust them enough to let them try out whatever they want in their life and support and encourage them in whatever they do.

Chronic stress can be extremely dangerous and impact the mental health o your child. This is why you need to teach them the art of resilience by following the tips mentioned above. This will give your child the courage to face the adversities that life throws at them.