How Women Over 40 Look Fabulous

It’s beautiful when we age well, but not every woman comes by it naturally as the years slowly try to take their toll. Some women know some beauty secrets of aging. Beauty experts reveal how women over 40 look fabulous and never seem to age.

Eat Right

Looking good starts with feeling good and being healthy regardless of your age. It is important to eat balanced, healthy meals and to get balanced rest and exercise. Add plenty of fruits and veggies into your diet along with at least 4 to 6 glasses of water a day.


Exfoliating is important to get rid of dead skin. Our skin naturally sheds old, dead cells every so many days. Give your skin a boost by keeping it looking fresh and youthful through proper exfoliating. The way you exfoliate is going to be determined by your type of skin and the weather where you live or the season of the year. If it is dry, winter months, you will need to exfoliate and then add moisture. If your skin is naturally oily, or it is hot and humid, you will need to tackle the oil to dry things out on your skin.


Moisturizing is an important step to re-hydrate the skin. We drink water and hydrate our bodies, and as we age, our skin naturally becomes drier since the glands that produce oil start to be less active. Use a light moisturizer that is oil-based. Your skin will soak up any moisture we give it to revitalize it and make it feel soft and supple. The answer to softer, more hydrated skin may be in your kitchen. Mash up a banana and then mix in two teaspoons of yogurt and half a teaspoon of honey. Apply it to your face and neck area and allow it to thoroughly dry before rinsing it off with lukewarm water and then patting your face to dry.

Age spots

Some may refer to them as age spots, but even if you deny it, those dark spots begin to appear on your skin. Rid your skin of dark spots by using a dark spot corrector with Vitamin C, and protect your skin from damaging sun rays by making sure you apply an SPF 15 as the bare minimum when you are in the sun.

Not-so-funny Laugh Lines

Be sure to choose the right make up, and keep it understated. Fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes are some of the first to show up. But, keep in mind they are most likely the result of years of accumulated laughter forming laugh lines. Though, you’re probably not finding them too funny anymore. Use a good under eye gel or cream. When applying eye makeup, avoid using overstated colors or glittery eye shadow.


Don’t worry about the laugh lines, and don’t forget to smile. The alternative is walking around looking grumpy and allowing frown lines to appear. A smile offers an immediate facelift and makes everyone around you return a happy look almost as a reflex reaction to your uplifted countenance.