It’s Okay for Your Spouse to Not Be Your Best Friend

The way we interact as humans has changed significantly ever since social media became a prominent part of our lives. Many of us use our smartphones the first thing in the morning to check what is going on in the world and what our friends are up to. Although it has opened up a lot of good, it also has some side effects. It is common to come across gratuitous posts about spouses and families. You might even feel jealous to see pictures of spouses hand in hand or making out, especially if things are not going that well with your spouse.

Some of the most common social media posts include captions such as “#blessed to spend the rest of my life with my best friend” and “waking up to my best friend beside me”. Now, even though it might seem like a wonderful sentiment to share pictures of one’s spouse, it creates unrealistic expectations that end up damaging other people’s relationships. Let’s face it. We all want that fairytale love story or at least a partner who is also our best friend. But, is it necessary for our spouse to also be our best friend?  

Thinking of someone as your best friend is a huge thing. It means that you value the friendship that you share with them more than anyone else’s. Do you think it is right to describe your relationship with your spouse in a similar manner? If you come to think of it, the title actually sounds insufficient for the type of relationship you have with your spouse. It is simply not appropriate to want a spouse as a best friend.

A best friend is someone who means the most to you. They hold a special place in your life. There is no doubt about that. But, should your spousal relationship be placed in that category? The truth is that even with the closest of best friends, you do not share a life with them. You only meet them from time to time. Thus, it makes sense to regard your relationship with your spouse as something more than that of a best friend. A life partner is someone you spend your entire life with, the good and the bad.

Perhaps, it is due to this reason that our best friends and spouses have a different title. It is why we place a distinction between a boyfriend and a guy friend. To honor your relationship with your spouse and best friend, it might be best to keep the distinction between the two in mind. It will help you get rid of those unnecessary expectations.


Best friends and spouses are two different people. You cannot expect the same things from the two. Then, why would you expect your spouse to be your best friend? Although some people claim to take their spouse as a best friend, it could not be further from the truth. Thus, you should go easy on your spouse.