Kim Kardashian beats Clinton in a legal quiz.

During the recording of “Gutsy,” Clinton’s upcoming series of documentaries on women alongside her daughter Chelsea Clinton, Kim Kardashian defeated Clinton in a legal knowledge quiz.

The Democratic presidential candidate and State Department secretary met with Kardashian to discuss her efforts in the justice system, something she hailed as “wonderful” when she disclosed at the end of last month of the year that she had completed her first “baby bar” test.

“She is highly mindful how her renown may have an impact constructively and then when it may create a harmful impact,” Clinton said in admiration of the entrepreneur.

It was impressive to observe how knowledgeable and meticulous she was about when and interacting since she never wanted to have a harmful impact. Even once this miniseries is complete, I want to do everything I can to aid her in her endeavor.

Kardashian won the trivia challenge, which compromised short questions about employing lethal force and other issues, 11-4, showcasing her “amazing” knowledge.

Chelsea Clinton supported her mom, claiming that it seemed as though her loss was due to slow response time.

In an online news magazine video clip, the author and champion for global health said, “My mother would occasionally fail to press the bell in time even though I could see she knew the answer.”

On August 23, Clinton and Kim were seated next to one another while Chelsea Clinton, Hillary’s daughter, answered inquiries regarding the law. Kim and Hillary tried to be the first to answer the question during the game, which was recorded for Hillary and Chelsea’s new Apple+ TV series Gutsy. Ultimately, Kim won the contest after striking her buzzer eleven times and giving accurate answers.

Chelsea considered her mother’s actions, “She only has to improve her reaction speed, in my opinion. My mother occasionally failed to press the buzzer in time, even though it was clear that she knew the answer.”

Hillary made fun of the Yale Law School alum, saying that losing was “heartbreaking,” but he displayed good sportsmanship.

Hillary said, “I was also fascinated by how well she performed. “I wanted to highlight her because she worked hard, not because she needed it.”

Kardashian has used her notoriety to draw attention to several situations, such as campaigning to let the imprisoned father of a Uvalde, Texas, school shooting victim attend his child’s burial in June.

Kim signed up to study law in 2018 with the California State Bar. She has been transparent about her multi-year struggle to become a lawyer, and in December 2021, the 41-year-old revealed that she would have completed the Baby Bar test on her fourth try.

In an Instagram post from December 13, she said, “For anybody who doesn’t know my law school experience, know this wasn’t simple or handed to me.” I attempted to pass this test three times over two years, but each time I failed, I got back up, studied harder, and finally succeeded!