Kourtney Kardashian’s Keto Snacks Revealed

Did you know that Kourtney Kardashian is big on the keto diet? The keto diet is the secret to weight loss success. Not only has Kourtney Kardashian maintained a healthy figure, but she also looks better as time goes on. Make no mistake about it, the reality television star looks better today, and she has. The reason for that is strict adherence to the keto diet, and her dedication to it can be seen by looking at her healthy glow.

Now let’s take a look at some of the healthy snacks that Kourtney Kardashian likes to eat.


Some of you may immediately think that cheesecake is off-limits when it comes to following the keto diet strictly. The way Kourtney Kardashian makes her cheesecake is keeping in line with the high-fat restrictions of the diet. She uses fresh cream, cream cheese, and berries. This is a cheesecake that is loaded with dairy, and it’s good if you are strictly following the keto diet.

Photo by Kourtney Kardashian on October 02, 2020. Image may contain: indoor.


You might think that tea is a strange thing to talk about with the keto diet. Tea is not restricted, and you can drink as much of it as you like as long as you don’t load it down with sugar. The reason why Kourtney likes to drink tea is that it keeps her hands busy. The thought process behind using tea as a weight-loss supplement is that it gives her something to preoccupy herself with. She doesn’t have to continually think about everything she is missing out on because of the diet. She can sip on a hot cup of tea and forget everything about her diet and her worries too.

Collagen Protein Balls

Don’t worry if you think that collagen protein balls don’t sound very appealing. The name doesn’t make your mouth water, but once you read the ingredients, all that is about to change. These sweet and savory balls have shredded coconut, ghee, coconut butter, collagen protein powder, maple syrup, salt, and cinnamon in them. All of these ingredients combine perfectly for a sweet treat that is overwhelming, and the balls go perfect with a cup of tea.

The secret to Kourtney’s approach is to keep things balanced

No one would say that Kourtney doesn’t allow herself to go off of the diet occasionally. Every person who has ever been on a diet knows that sometimes you need to eat what you’re craving. The trick to dieting is to make sure that you stay on course while allowing yourself a little leeway in the process. Those who are too strict on a diet tend to fail because they binge eat. The trick that Kourtney uses is to know her body and to know what she is craving. Honesty is a must when you are dieting, and you have to sometimes go off the diet to save yourself in the long run. Those who are too narrow-minded will fail because their bodies will feel like they are missing out on something, and that will cause the diet to crash and burn.