Little Girl Gives A Garbage Man A Cupcake Every Day – Why?..

No matter what our profession or status is, there are always some people that love us or are in awe of us. Of course, kids are the biggest cheerleaders because they have pure hearts. Devlar Dopson was the local garbage man of a neighborhood.

Dopson had a number one fan who was only three years old, Brooklyn Andracke. One day, Dopson came out of his garbage truck to meet his fan, and one person in the neighborhood had to capture this on camera. Of course, she had no idea what was happening.

Here is the story of Dopson and his new fan.

The Local Garbage Man in Bloomington, Illinois


Dopson was the local garbage man in Bloomington, Illinois. He has been working as a garbage man for many years now. Every Thursday, he used the same route and stopped at the same neighborhood to collect trash.

Of course, because of this, everyone was now familiar with Dopson and what he did for the community. Not many people knew Dopson in a personal capacity. However, there was one three-year-old who used to look forward to Thursdays each week to see Dopson taking out the garbage and doing his work.

The Biggest Fan


Each Thursday, Dopson would drive down the same road to collect trash. He knew that no one else except Brooklyn would be waiting for him in her front window. That is why whenever he passed the house, Dopson would honk his horn and wave to her.

No one at that time knew why the local garbage man was suddenly infatuated with the family of that home. Of course, it was only because of Brooklyn that Dopson did that. It reminds us that good and beautiful people still exist in the world who only want to make others smile.

Thursday Favorites


We all have something that we love doing each day, no matter what the circumstances are in our lives. It can be anything from having our favorite breakfast to moving our bodies. However, for Brooklyn, her favorite thing to do each Thursday morning was to wait for Dopson to arrive.

She loved watching Dopson coming in his truck on the street, and this became a routine for her each
Thursday. After all, she was his number one fan. That is why Brooklyn was adamant about doing something special for her favorite person, that visited the neighborhood every Thursday without fail.

The Awesome Smiley Garbage Man

Brooklyn loved waiting every Thursday for Dopson to show up. Her favorite part was waiting and waving to the garbage man that came to the neighborhood each week. According to Traci, Brooklyn’s mom, he is her favorite awesome smiley garbage man.

Isn’t that perhaps the most wholesome and cutest thing you have heard this week? The little Brooklyn went outside on Thursdays each week to wait for her favorite person. However, Brooklyn was dying to meet her favorite person face to face as she had grown incredibly attached to his presence in the neighborhood.

In Love with Dopson


Kids have a pure heart, which is why they love everyone, regardless of who they are. After a few weeks, Traci would take Brooklyn outside to look at the garbage man instead of looking
at him from the window. That is because it would bring her closer to having a better look at her favorite person.

Ever since then, Brooklyn has wanted to see the garbage man at all times. She was infatuated with him, and it wasn’t even about his truck anymore. All she wanted to do was have a little glimpse of the garbage man each week, which made her day.

Ty Loves Dopson Too

dancing together delvar and kid

It wasn’t just Brooklyn in the family that loved Dopson. Instead, even her brother Ty liked the garbage
man, and there is even a picture to prove their amazing friendship. As you can see, Ty loves to dance, and Dopson joined him in because why wouldn’t he.

Soon, the neighborhood was having a dance party, with Dopson and Ty being the stars. Both of them rocked  the performance, and their bond became even stronger after this performance. Dopson was suddenly every kid’s favorite as he had incredible energy and charm that everyone fell in love with as soon as they saw him.

Brooklyn’s Birthday


Let’s fast forward to Brooklyn’s birthday because she wanted her favorite person to show up. However, there was just one tiny problem: Brooklyn’s birthday was on a Wednesday, which
meant that the garbage man wouldn’t be driving today. Of course, that made Brooklyn incredibly sad.

However, Traci had a plan to make her daughter’s day special. That is why she and Brooklyn decided to wait till Thursday and celebrate Brooklyn’s birthday with Dopson.

After all, he meant a lot to Brooklyn, and without him, her birthday would not be the same. So, Brooklyn and Traci waited for Thursday to come to celebrate together.

Celebrating Brooklyn


Finally, the Thursday of Brooklyn’s birthday week came, which meant that Dopson would drive around the neighborhood. Brooklyn couldn’t contain her excitement even though her birthday had passed. As Thursday came, she waited outside her house with her mother so that she could finally celebrate with Dopson.

Of course, as they stood outside, Dopson was in a truck passing by. However, Traci motioned Dopson to walk over and join them. Even Dopson couldn’t contain his smile because these Thursdays had also become a tradition for him as Brooklyn would wait each week without fail, and such pure love was hard to come by.

Shy Brooklyn


Brooklyn had her birthday party the day before, but she wanted Dopson to be a part of her birthday badly. That is why she was waiting outside her house with a cupcake on Thursday. All she wanted was her favorite person to be included in the celebration of her birthday.

However, Brooklyn was very shy, and with a shy smile, she handed the cupcake over to Dopson. Of course, whenever we meet our heroes, we don’t know what to say, and that was the case for Brooklyn too. According to Traci, Brooklyn was never shy, and this was new for her too.

Starstruck By Dopson


Brooklyn is a confident girl, and she is never at a loss for words. However, when she met Dopson, she couldn’t say a word because she was incredibly happy. Even Traci was happy that her daughter finally got to meet her favorite person on her birthday.

According to Traci, Brooklyn is never shy, but she was so Starstruck by Dopson that Traci had to do all the talking for her. Brooklyn always has something to say, but that day she didn’t say much. Of course, that is what happens when you meet your heroes and the people you love.

Brooklyn’s Day Was Made


Even though Brooklyn couldn’t say a word to Dopson, it was the highlight of her day and birthday.
That is because she was beyond ecstatic to finally meet her favorite person after looking at him from the window for weeks. Even Dopson was delighted to meet his number one fan after waving and honking from the truck.

Even Traci told Dopson that he makes their day every Thursday, and everyone appreciates the waving and honking. It is a special day for Ty, Brooklyn, and Traci. We just wish more people would be so loving towards their local garbage man as Traci’s family is.

High Happiness Levels


After the shy encounter, even Traci was wondering why Brooklyn was so quiet after finally meeting her favorite person. When Dopson left, Brooklyn and Traci continued onto daycare. Brooklyn was unusually quiet even while they were on the way to the daycare.

So, Traci asked Brooklyn why she was so suddenly so quiet. Brooklyn replied that she was so happy, and of course, it was all because of meeting the garbage and celebrating her birthday with him. It was a short and sweet meeting, but it filled Brooklyn’s heart to the maximum, which is why she was at a loss for words.

The Beginning of a Friendship

Finally, meeting Dopson made Brooklyn’s day, and it was the beginning of their friendship. A week later, Dopson came again as he always did every Thursday without any fail. However, this time Dopson had a surprise for Brooklyn, and that was surely going to make her smile.

Of course, Brooklyn had no idea about this. Like every Thursday, she was just waiting for Dopson to show up each week.

She was doing the same this Thursday too, and she had no idea the surprise that was in store for her.
Aren’t you also excited to learn about the surprise he had for her?

The Surprise


When he pulled over, Traci and Brooklyn were waiting in the yard again for Dopson to drive by. Of course, even Traci was not sure what was happening as he usually waves and drives by.
However, she noticed that Dopson had a large box behind him that he wanted to give to Brooklyn.

Dopson had a big smile on his face, and he handed over the box to Brooklyn with a huge grin. Of course, it was a birthday present for Brooklyn. She celebrated her special day with Dopson, and he also wanted to make sure that her day got better.

The Disbelief


Brooklyn was happy to receive the box from Dopson, and she couldn’t believe what was inside. As she
opened the box, there were lots of toys from the movie Frozen inside it. All the toys had pictures of Ana and Elsa on it, which is why Brooklyn was in disbelief.

The incredible gesture touched Brooklyn’s heart, and she knew that she also wanted to return this
feeling of gratitude back to Dopson. That is why she thought to do something heartfelt so that Dopson could also feel the love she just felt. It was an incredible moment for both of them.

Thanking Dopson

this one

Brooklyn thought about how she wanted to thank Dopson, and she came up with the perfect idea. She ran inside her home to make the perfect gift and then came running out with her mother to Dopson. Brooklyn had made a handmade poster saying “Thank you, Devlar” in different colors.

After all, she had to thank him somehow, so she thought of putting her creativity to work. Dopson loved the thank you poster as it was a beautiful moment for him to receive so much love from Brooklyn. Both of them were incredibly happy that day, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

The Placement of the Poster


Of course, the thank-you poster was one of the best gifts that Dopson had received. He was not even
expecting anything in return, but Dopson was speechless, and there were some tears in his eyes too. That is when he knew where he had to place this beautiful poster.

Dopson decided to hang the poster on this truck so that everyone in the neighborhood could witness the love and gratitude he gets from the community. Even we couldn’t think of a better place for this poster. Sharing your happiness with others will always increase it.

Holiday Guest

delvar in green shirt hugging kid in snowman pjs

Holidays are all about a time of sharing love and happiness with other people. Of course, on such
occasions, special guests also come to make our day even better. You might be thinking of Santa Claus making an appearance, but no, we’re not talking about his guest visit. 

Dopson joined Traci’s family for the 2018 holiday season as he visited their home and made an appearance for the kids. Of course, his presence was one of the best gifts that Traci could give to Brooklyn. We absolutely adore it when parents and strangers go out of their way to make children happy.

New Holiday Traditions

cupcake cheers

Dopson and Brooklyn’s friendship began when she handed him a cupcake a day after her birthday. Of
course, they had to honor this tradition during the holiday season as well. That is why they decided to celebrate the holiday season with the dessert that began their beautiful friendship.

As you can see, Ty and Dopson are cheering to cupcakes, and both of them couldn’t be any happier. We love their friendship, and we hope that this friendship lives on. It is a lesson to all of us to be kinder to strangers and create the most beautiful connections out of the ordinary.

Dopson’s Fame

Nobody in the neighborhood understood the friendship that took place between Dopson and Brooklyn. In the beginning, everyone wondered why Brooklyn was becoming friends with the local garbage man. However, they saw their interactions every week and understood why it was so beautiful.

Even the neighbors loved seeing Brooklyn and Dopson become friends, and he had become a neighborhood celebrity. After a while, everyone used to stop in the neighborhood each week
and watch the wholesome exchange between Brooklyn and Dopson. There was nothing more heartfelt than seeing this friendship blooming each week.

Best Friends Forever

After a while, it turned out that Dopson had become a celebrity with other kids in the neighborhood too. However, the friendship between Brooklyn and Dopson was the most special, as she had started it all. Every week, she would wait for him and be happy with his presence.

Dopson was a family man, and he did everything he could to make kids like Brooklyn happy. That is why everyone adored him and waited for him to come to the neighborhood each week. The rest of the kids began to get close to Dopson too.

Best Friends at Nine

brooklyn 9th birthday

If you thought that Brooklyn had forgotten about Dopson after growing up, then that is not the case at all. Recently, Brooklyn turned nine and celebrated her birthday. Dopson asked his followers on social media to commemorate this special occasion to give Brooklyn their best wishes.

Dopson also wished Brooklyn on his social media as he will always remember her friendship and kindness. He told everyone that she was the coolest kid and wished her a year filled with happiness and joy. We couldn’t be happier to see their friendship survive and thrive.

A True Caring Man


Yes, the video of Dopson and Brooklyn went viral on social media, but this was not the reason that Dopson cared about kids. He did not plan on any of this happening, and the friendship came naturally. However, Dopson had always dreamed about helping others achieve their full potential.

Of course, he had his motivations and his reasons. If you want to know more about why he cared and
what motivated him, then be sure to keep reading. You will find out soon enough what the reason was and what Dopson went on to do.

Dopson Had Many Other Things to Do In Life

Being a garbage man wasn’t the only thing Dopson had planned for his entire life. It was just a way to keep himself busy and earning a livelihood for the time being. Being a garbage man not only earned him a livelihood but also a beautiful relationship with Brooklyn.

While on the other hand, Dopson was preparing for the realtor examination. He had many big plans in life and being a garbage man was just a stepping stone for him. That’s really inspiring for people who have been struggling a bit.

He Did It!

After spending time with Brooklyn and as a garbage man, Dopson used to study of realtor examination. It was his goal in life to become a realtor and make his life better. It is inspiring to see such people who struggle to achieve the big goals that they have ahead of them.

Eventually, Dopson did pass the examination he was preparing for and became a licensed real estate agent in Nevada. Creating such a beautiful bond with Brooklyn taught Dopson a lot and know he wants to carry this forward in life and make others happy.

Time for a Farewell Party!

For the entire neighborhood it was a sad day when Dopson had his last day as the garbage man. However, to not make Dopson feel that a farewell party is must. It was a special last-day party. Preparations were done, invites were sent and it was everyone was cheered.

It is amazing to see residents to make the last day of a garbage man so beautiful and memorable. The posters for this celebration were even posted on social media and people were in awe to see a garbage man impact children lives in such a way. 

From A Garbage Man to A Motivational Speaker

Having a close relationship with Brooklyn and other kids did impact the life of Dopson. He never thought his life would take such an interesting turn. But everything happens for a reason and it is going great.

Feeling of making people happy led Dopson to become a motivational speaker. It is amazing to see Dopson impact others life greatly. He has a huge part in Eregon 206 movement and spreading words of inspiration and encouragement. Dopson works closely with different types of people and encourage them to do better in life.

of Wisdom

Dopson is never shy to share kind words that would just bring a smile to your face.
Just a few days back he shared a post on Facebook mainly highlighting the good
part of life that many miss to notice.

“Discovery of your purpose and potential sets you free from other people’s prescription of
what they think you should be”. His relationship with Brooklyn changed his life
in such a beautiful way that now he is on a path to improve other people life.
It is great to see how kindness can affect someone.

Just a Wave Can Go a Long Way

Nine-year-old Klynn Scales found her a new hero. A local police officer who had
a duty of patrolling the neighborhood daily is the one. Klynn kept a track of
what time he passes by and would sit by the window waiting for him to pass by.

Whenever the police officer would pass by Klynn used to wave, and excitedly say hello.
This gesture by a small girl cheered the police officer and they used exchange
greeting every day. However, there was a reason why the neighborhood was
patrolled daily.

It Wasn’t Easy For Klynn

It wasn’t easy for Klynn to grow up in such a dangerous neighborhood of Kansas
City. It was the 90s when she was nine-year old and used to live with her mom
and two younger brothers. To many she seemed like a normal girl but that wasn’t
the case.

Watching the police officer pass by wasn’t just a normal thing. It provided her with
hope that made her live through such difficult times. Klynn became stronger and
found a way to embrace this part of her life in one way or the other.

Klynn Had Many Responsibilities

The neighborhood where Klynn grew up with her younger brother and mother was in a
rough neighborhood. It scared Klynn all the time but there was nothing that she
could do about it. It was the reality and she had to live through it in any way.

Making it worse of Klynn, her mother was rarely home. She used to work day and night
to provide bread to her children. This meant that taking care of the younger
brother was Klynn’s responsibility. She had to remain strong in every situation
she had coming towards her.

She Was More like A Mother than a Sister

To take the matters in her own hand, Klynn was more like a mother to her brothers.
She had to go through the rough neighborhood and walk to the nearest 7-Eleven
all by herself. It was the scary environment of her neighborhood that used to
scare her.

However, she had to do something to feed her brothers. She used to go to the 7-Eleven
and shoplift. Well that is what she needed to survive but feeding her brothers
was her main responsibility. However, it is sad to see such stories.

Police Noticed Her

It was supposed to happen. It may be for a good reason but what she was doing was
wrong. And this made her noticed by the police. However, the police found
everything they wanted to about the family. On the other hand, one police
officer was especially concerned about this case.

It was the same police officer who Klynn used to wave every day. When the
greetings were exchanged the officer didn’t know the dark side of her life.
Otherwise, he would have saved her rather than letting Klynn get deeper in this
mess of a life.

The Officer Supported Klynn In This Case

First the officer used to greet Klynn. But as he knew about her life he realized that
she needs help and support rather than just a wave. The police officer talked
to Klynn and told her that he is always there to protect her.

Just the good words from the officer helped Klynn stay strong in this situation and
get her through such dark times. Now she was sure that the promise done by the
officer would soon be fulfilled and he would never disappoint her. But no one
wants such time to come.

Something is Wrong

When something happens daily it becomes a routine. The officer and Klynn used to
greet each other every day. When the officer used to enter the neighborhood he
knew that Klynn is going to be there sitting by the window waiting for him.

But however, one day she wasn’t there and this created doubt in the mind of the
officer. He knew something was wrong. Her absence worked as a danger sign and
the officer had to something to find out why she wasn’t there. She never missed
a single day greeting him.

Time for Action

The officer slowly walked towards her house to check what is wrong with her. As
there may be danger the officer had to walk cautiously. When he reached the
door he saw it open and as he entered he was shocked.

Little Klynn was lying on the floor, finding it difficult to take even a single
breath. The officer rushed to the emergency room while Klynn was lying on the
bed. Klynn survived but it was might have been such a difficult time for the
officer to wait outside the emergency room for the doctor’s response.

Was Given a Clean Health Bill

Luckily, the police officer saved Klynn’s life and gave her a new chance to live. The
hospital reported that it was due to malnutrition and if the officer didn’t
bring her in time, there was a high chance that she would’ve not been alive.

However, soon after the episode Klynn moved to Texas with her family. She never got the
chance to say thank you to the officer. She knew it is never too late and 20
years later she went out to track the unnamed hero who once saved her life.

Klynn Tried Her Luck Online

The first thing Klynn did was try her luck online. She went through the entire
internet and didn’t give up. She also posted on social media and was optimistic
that she would find home. And her being optimistic did pay off when she saw a
comment posted by Jennifer Jones.

Jennifer Jones was a sergeant with the Kansas City police and saw the post by Klynn. She
told Klynn that she might know the officer who Klynn is trying to describe but
it may be a guess and the exactly the one who she was looking for.

The Hero Is Found

Klynn being optimistic did pay off. In 2016, when an officer named Jeff Colvin opened
an email by Jones describing the girl who is looking for her guardian angel.
Jones further explained where she used to live in Kansas City. Colvin knew
right away who it was.

It was like Colvin forgot her, he kept worrying about her and the last time he saw
her, she was on a hospital bed. Hearing about her after so many years cheered
Colvin up and all the worrying he did for Klynn disappeared.

Both Were Overjoyed

Just like Colvin didn’t forget about Klynn, she also never forgot him. Both worried
about each other all along. What cheered Colvin the most is that Klynn didn’t
forget him and put in a lot of effort to find him. Now that Colvin knew she is
alive he had nothing to worry about.

He was overwhelmed learning that Klynn is alive and healthy. It joyed him that she
remembered him. It is incredible to see how she reached out to him and found
him. Everything is set and now one thing is only left, a reunion of both of

Reunion Time!

Klynn and Colvin both reunited in person and were left in tears as soon as they saw
each other. Klynn broke down in tears to see her childhood hero again. However,
once she admitted it that it might never happen but god had other plans.

Colvin was also heartfelt after meeting Klynn. He had seen many failures than
successes in his career. Seeing Klynn after such a long time ignited a fire
inside of him that he used to have as a young officer. He was losing his
passion for his job but meeting Klynn changed his mind.

Colvin Realized the Purpose of His Job Again

Meeting Klynn after 20 years impacted Colvin’s life in a big way. His passion for his
job returned when he realized that he did help many people through his journey.
Many times people don’t realize on the path of their career that they changed
someone’s life. 

However, after this officer Colvin knew he made the right choice for going such a
career. He then realized that his choices and action led Klynn to make a unique
career choice of her own. Let’s see what she pursued in life.

Klynn’s Career

The presence and role of officer Colvin in her life made such a huge and positive
impact that Klynn was deeply touched by it. She revealed that she applied to be
a police recruit in Houston. The heroics of officer Colvin led her down her own
path to become a police officer.

Now she is going to work on making a positive impact on other people’s life and
make sure no one has a childhood like her. Not only Klynn was thinking of the
reunion for 20 years she even chose the same career path as Colvin. But there
is one more thing to reveal.

A Tribute to Officer Colvin Was Foreseen

To pay tribute to Officer Colvin, Klynn designed a bracelet with engravings on it.
She got the bracelet to honor her guardian angel, hero and friend who had such
a positive impact on her life.

The story of Klynn and Colvin highlights that police officers can have positive
impact on individuals and communities. They are a major part of any society.
However, this is just on story of Klynn and Colvin but there are hundreds of
stories like this that remain uncovered. It is truly something to honor and pay
tribute to.

The Story Went Viral

Community outreach is one of the most important things for police officers. After knowing
this story, the Kansas City Missouri Police Department shared the story of
Klynn and Colvin online. The story went viral instantly and inspired many

After reading this tory many people came out and shared their stories with police
officers. However, many people then shared their stories with officer Colvin.
Then Klynn got to know that she wasn’t the only one he was helping. Throughout
his career officer Colvin helped many others as well and this is something to


In today’s world police officers aren’t treated with respect due to recent events.
However, the support Klynn and Colvin’s story received was incredible. They
received many positive comments from the entire world and showed how good it
feels to be an officer leaving an impact on people’s life.

In this story no one deserves more respect than anyone other than Jeff Colvin. He
took out time from his duty and kept a watch over Klynn and made sure that she
is safe. And now it is time for Klynn to pay it back.

Klynn’s Future Reflects Her Past

Sharing her plans for the future, Klynn stated that she chooses to focus on her past
and become someone’s hero like Colvin was her hero. However, Klynn’s plan is to
start with her children and positively impact their life.

Then, with her career she wants to become a bigger hero and serve the community.
Colvin’s heroism showed her that there is definitely light in the dark. Now she
sees it as her job to pay it forward and leave an example for a younger
generation. She never wants anyone to live a life like her.

Happy Ending

The story of Jeff Colvin and Klynn Scales shows that there is always happiness
after sadness. It is a proof to the world that good still exists and come to
you in any form possible. It is important to remember during tough times.

After graduating from the police academy, as of June 2018 Klynn is now officially a
police officer. To support and cheer for her, Jeff Colvin and his wife were
present. Alongside, Jennifer Jones and many others who showed up to
congratulate here on her big day. She is surely an example for many people who
had a tough childhood.