Lizzo rebuts Aries Spears’ body-shaming remarks at VMAs.

Now is her moment! Lizzo is conveying to the world that she’s at the top of her profession after winning the meaningful Video for Goodness category at the 2022 MTV Music Awards.

“I would like to express my gratitude for your love and encouragement. The 34-year-old “Juice” singer stated, “But now, to the bitches that have something to say regarding me in the media,” as she accepted her prize on August 28. I’m not planning to say anything, you understand. “Lizzo, why wouldn’t you strike back?” they will say. Since I’m dominating, chick, bitch! Ugly, big bitch is victorious!

Lizzo would not clarify the statement’s background, although it seems likely that she was alluding to artist Aries Spears’ previous remarks regarding her size.

Aries Spears, 47, remarked while participating in “The Art of Dialogue,” which had its YouTube debut previously on that very day. “I can’t get beyond that she appears to look such as the s-t symbol,” Spears stated. “She has a very attractive face, but come on, guy, she continues flaunting her physique. Let’s go, dude.

“Pay attention, I ain’t the world largest most in shape woman, although I still, whenever you hilarious and you’ve got attitude and charisma and you attractive – I believe I’m at little attractive – you acquire p—y,” he added at the moment. However, a woman with a mashed potato-like build is difficult.… Fuck cholesterol, insulin, and cardiac issues. Fuck cardiovascular disease. You know, whenever it tends to come to that foolish s—t, you all make claims about being women, being sisters, and supporting your sister. But why wouldn’t you say, “Black girl, we admire your boldness, sweetheart, but even this ain’t it,” if you cared a f—k? This is not it.

At the moment, the creator of Yitty chose to concentrate on Spears’ presence at the VMAs rather than responding to her remarks. Lizzo played a mashup of “About Damn Time” and “2 Be Loved” at the start of the performance. She relished the event after her turn on stage with lover Myke Wright, whom she had been rumored to be dating before her significant Video for Good victory in March 2021.

“Bitch!” She exclaimed in her winning speech on Sunday. She exclaimed, “Love you so much. I have no idea what a music clip, for goodness, implies, but I am aware of how much your vote matters. Your decision is really important to me. Making a difference in this nation is important. So remember to vote to reform a few of these regulations enslaving us and when choosing your favorite musician.