Most Searched High Fashion Brands of 2021

Ever wonder what brands are popular? If so, you are in luck. Lyst is a shopping platform with 12,000 brands and stores. It analyzes purchases made on its platform alongside Google search data and social media reactions. The end result is that it gathers all of the data to compile a list of the most purchased and most talked about brands. So, what are the most searched high fashion brands of 2021 so far?


It probably comes as no surprise that Gucci made the top of the list. As if this long-running Number One label needed any help, their collaboration with The North Face certainly gave them a boost. Fans obsessed with Harry Style’s feather boa also helped to secure their top spot on the list.


The famous shoe brand with a recognizable swoosh was hovering in the 11th spot on the list until the brand got social media talking. Because of some controversial marketing moves, Nike brand jumped up 9 spots on the list to land itself securely in the second spot.


Third on the list come from the French fashion house, Dior. Choosing Blackpink’s Kim Ji-soo as their brand ambassador turned out to be a good move. In addition to that, Snapchat went wild for the brand’s augmented reality sneaker try-on lens.


If you don’t recognize the name, you probably are familiar with the logo that consists of back-to-back letter “Bs”. The brand made a smooth move toward the end of the first quarter by giving fans a fun, glow-in-the-dark collection of slides, T-shirts, caps, and socks.


When a fashion house label gets serious about protecting the environment, shoppers notice. This luxury label put recycled materials to use in creating a Born To Protect jacket. They also kept their focus on spring outerwear that buyers found to be fun, fresh, and new.


Not only the devil wears Prada, but plenty of fashion-conscious consumers have put the fashion house in the sixth most searched for brand so far this year. Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada always seem to have fresh, creative design concepts up their sleeves. And, fashion-loving buyers notice.

Louis Vuitton

This French fashion house incorporated Naomi Osaka as their brand ambassador. That was a good move that captured the interest of many. Also, Nicolas Ghesquière’s Coussin handbag started showing up on popular celebrities arms that certainly didn’t hurt the fashion label’s ranking.

Bottega Veneta

This fashion label extends beyond the runway. Models, influencers, and other famous celebrities are often dressed, decked out in Bottega Veneta. Musician Missy Elliott has stepped into the Bottega Veneta craze as well as she was pictured in the fashion label’s first digital quarterly journal.

Saint Laurent

No stranger to the top searched-for fashion, Saint Laurent remains in the Top 10. Catherine Deneuve and Kate Moss stepping out in Saint Laurent’s spring 2021 designs ad campaign was also a good move for the brand giving fans a desire to get all dressed up.


Finally, in the Top 10 spot is a shoe brand that competes with other top-name athletic shoes. The brand actually collaborated with Nike on seven sneaker designs. They launched their “I Support Black Women campaign with the help of activist Trinice McNally, the label took off.