Selena Gomez Makes a Joke About Alcohol and People Go Berzerk.

Selena Gomez fired back after a person online commented on a joke she made. Selena made a joke about how many drinks the CDC says a man and a woman can drink each week before being considered a heavy drinker. The commenter alleged that Selena was drinking alcohol after receiving a kidney from a friend. That’s when Selena fired back and said that it was a joke and nothing more.

Everyone knows that Selena had a kidney transplant, and it was rumored that she was a party girl back in the day. She ultimately changed her lifestyle and is doing great. It seems that she has many people watching her moves and trying to catch her slipping. It will be interesting to see if she changes her lifestyle even further after receiving a new kidney.

Life is never easy when you’re under the spotlight the way Selena Gomez is

She is constantly being scrutinized for her every move and comment. She can’t even try to have a little fun on the internet without people blowing it out of proportion, and it’s not fair. Selena can’t have a moment to herself and enjoy social media without everyone overreacting. All she was doing was saying something about a joke on the internet, and now people are accusing her of drinking again.

It’s a shame that Selena has to justify herself to everyone, but we can understand why she is doing it. Selena is the one that has to live with the backlash and negativity in her life, so we can’t blame her for standing up for herself. She is doing an excellent job of staying out of trouble since getting a new kidney, and hopefully, it will stay that way.

Selena Gomez has shown she is doing well after her kidney transplant

She showed off her body in a bikini on Instagram, and her face looks fantastic. She is in a good place, and we hope it will stay that way. Selena is finally doing right by herself instead of putting herself in a bad situation. She is not the only one taking criticism lately; just because she’s getting criticism does not mean that it’s warranted.

The person who commented about Selena’s drinking is overreacting, and we agree with Selena that it’s a shame. She is a good person and does great things for other people. However, she does not deserve to be treated like trash for a joke about being too drunk. We hope that everyone can quit being so critical of every little thing and try to see the good in other people.

Selena is doing a great job of staying positive under incredible stress

She is an incredibly positive person, and it’s a shame that she has to defend herself every time something is said. It seems that she has so much stress and criticism in her life, but she is handling it all with a smile on her face. It’s clear that she LOVES what she does, and we hope that everything continues to go well for her. If only she and Justin could somehow reunite and live happily ever after. But, that’s a topic for another article.