The Most Embarrassingly Naked Red Carpet Looks of All Time

Skip the peekaboo cuts and hip openings; stars have always been about exposing real serious flesh. Celebrities do not think of making a sweeping statement in anything from virtually nude gowns to transparent numbers revealing their underwear.

As design professionals like Monôt, Dolce & Gabbana, and Givenchy make off-the-runway dresses that are left very minimal to their interpretation, a growing number of celebrities are showing up to ceremony presentations and movie launches in underwear.

However, wearing dresses with masterfully positioned floral appliqués, merely stockings, or deciding to liberate the breast has already been happening for a long time. Consider, by example, Rihanna. The expectant mother made statements at 2014 CFDA Style Prizes as she showed up in an Adam Selman transparent dress without a bikini top. There were 216,00 Swarovski crystals in the astonishing amount.

That jaw-dropping appearance, of course, gained notoriety. Although fans appreciate it when their beloved performers serve up sensuality, it may also bring out all the detractors.

This would be the case with Zoe Kravitz somewhere at Met Gala in 2021. The star looked stunning in a see-through fabric Yves Saint Laurent dress. Although she scored a few “women ’s fashion” polls, she was irritated by some critical remarks on social networking sites.

“Being embarrassed with both the natural body is colonization/brainwashing,” the celebrity responded to a fan who questioned why she needed to be “pretty nearly nude.” It’s only flesh, after all. “They’re all ours.”

In February 2022, Kravitz told Elle that the entire ordeal caused her to undergo a social networking site break. “It’s ridiculous that individuals don’t accept whatever they speak to a superstar impacts them since you’re not an individual to them,” she informed the site.

Therefore at Met Gala that same year, the Batman performer wasn’t alone who wore a risqué costume. Kendall Jenner wore an extremely seductive Givenchy suit that left nothing to the mind.

Although her dress was transparent, it was based on a much more basic style donned by Audrey Hepburn in the 1956 film My Fair Lady. The Tequila 818 creator acknowledged the link by posting an Instagram Story with a clip from the film.

Us New weekly Trendy is bringing together the craziest, most delicate, and hottest red carpet outfits overall history, including Megan Fox’s just hardly Mugler dress from either the 2021 VMAs to Lady Gaga’s underboob-baring outfit from those in the 2017 Music Awards. Keep on reading.

Kendall Jenner

This famous personality donned a spectacular Givenchy costume at the Met Gala in 2021. Throughout the 1956 movie My Fair Lady, Audrey Hepburn wore a gown that influenced the style.

Bella Hadid

Girl, go for it! At Paris Fashion Week in March 2022, the lady wore an entirely sheer black dress to the Ludovic de Saint Sernin red carpet event.

Zoe Kravitz

Gorgeous in its gleam! At the 2021 Met Gala, the star donned a silk Yves Saint Laurent outfit.

Megan Fox

In September 2021, the Transformers actress flaunted her sexual fashion just at the Music Awards, donning a just hardly Mugler gown.