The Story of Chris Evan and Dodger the Furbulous Pup

Do you know what’s better than Hollywood celebrity couples? Celebrity and their pets! And what’s a better example than Chris Evan and his adorable little dog named Dodger. Looking at social media content Evan posts of his dog makes us all truly believe a dog is a man’s best friend.

Dodger the pup is a mixed breed dog who Evan first met in 2017 when he was in the process of filming the movie Gifted. The best part is knowing that the sweet puppy was a rescue; doesn’t that make you love captain America even more?

Later in 2018, the Avenger star blessed the world by showing his first interaction with Dodger. The video showed him going towards the cage; his furry pal was present in greeting him with a “hi dude.” He let his hand out close so that the puppy could smell and not be scared, but clearly, Dodger knew he was in safe hands and started to show affection by licking the Captain’s hand.

Ever since then, Evans has been completely in love with his little buddy, and he’s not the only one. All of his fans adore the cute videos of Dodger and his owner together. He puts pictures and videos of the dog quite often on social media. In 2019, he showed off Dodger and him cuddling together during international dog day.

One time Chris posted Dodgers picture with the caption “really missing this guy,” and the whole internet went crazy thinking that the dog had passed away. Even Seth Rogen tweeted that he was in tears with the news. But thankfully, Evans brought peace to everyone’s minds by informing them that Dodger was alive and healthy. He stated he wrote that caption because the star had to be away for a couple of months and couldn’t meet his best friend.

Chris Evan isn’t the only one talented, as he once posted a clip of Dodger singing along to the tune of The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens. He could be seen playing with his little lion stuff toy and howling along with Chris chuckling in the background.

On Valentine’s Day, everyone, including celebrities, posted their other halves on social media like Instagram to appreciate them. On the other hand, Chris posted a picture in which he was snuggling with Dodger in his arms with the caption, “Happy valentine’s day from this pair of dysfunctional co-dependents.”

The 41 year old actor shared the cutest picture to ever exist on Christmas, where Dodger was seen sporting a cream turtleneck sweater which matched the type Chris over in his movie Knives Out. Later in 2020, during the quarantine days, he also tried giving his pet a haircut himself, which was definitely a bad decision as the poor doggo had patches of hair left all over his body.

What better way of showing someone you love them than getting a tattoo? That’s exactly what the Knives out star did. He got a sweet tattoo of his furry friend and said it’s one thing he’ll never regret.