The Truth Behind True Blue Twins Gone Viral

Of course, every mother thinks their baby is special, but one mother took her uniquely beautiful daughters and turned them into an Instagram viral sensation. The internet responded by falling in complete love and fascination with the two little girls skyrocketing their Instagram account to hundreds of thousands of followers. Mom Stephanie Boyd saw something jaw-dropping beautiful about her young twins and nicknamed them the “Trueblue Twins.” The name stems from the fact that one twin has Complete Heterochromia causing one eye to be blue like her sister’s and the other eye to be brown. Let’s take a closer look at what prompted mom to share her daughters and how the girls have grown into this kind of fame over the last few years.

Birthing Unique Beauty

It was like any other typical pregnancy for Stephanie Boyd until she started receiving surprising news. She was not going to have one baby but two. But, the news kept getting more and more surprising. She gave birth to twin girls Megan and Morgan Boyd on June 6, 2011 in Philadelphia. Naturally, she thought they were the most perfect looking babies she had ever laid her eyes on, and it just kept getting better. The first look into their eyes revealed the beauty that had been hidden for months prior to their birth. One baby had the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes. The other had a unique look all her own that was about to get noticed by the entire world.

Rare Beauty Times Two

Mom knew she had a pair of rare gems on her hands, but she may not have realized how well they would be received by the rest of the world. These two were born with great looks, but what makes them even more head-turning stunning is that they are identical twins with one noticeable difference. A few rare qualities stand out when you see them side by side. First, it is easy to tell them apart. Take one look into their eyes, and you will notice that Megan has two blue eyes. Morgan, on the other hand, has only one blue eye. Her other eye, on her right side, is dark brown.

One In A Million

The genetic trait is called Heterochromia and is quite rare. It is estimated that only about 200,000 people share this trait in the U.S. Then again, blue eyes on an African-American is rare to begin with only one in a million chance. So, you do the math on what a rare gem these twins truly are, one with striking blue eyes and the other with a mix of color. Mom, Stephanie, knew that she had something special on her hands and wanted to share it with the world to see, so she took to Instagram and gave them the nickname that stuck, The Trueblue Twins.

A Nickname That Stuck

The girls made their debut but did not go viral immediately. They were very young and continue to grace the internet with their beauty today. Even tough they are beautiful little wonders, mom knew that they deserved to be presented in a very special way. While their names could sound like a popular candy, with Megan and Morgan’s initials forming the ever-famous, “M&M” brand, these two beauties deserved a name of their own. Stephanie Boyd wanted to come up with a name that would not only describe her children’s unique qualities but would also pique the interest of Instagram fans. That’s how the name they became known for, “The Trueblue Twins” stuck.

Like Mama, Like Daughters

What mama doesn’t enjoy showing off pictures of her child? This mom is no different. Stephanie Boyd started sharing photos of her baby girls on social media for her family and friends to see. She began posting pictures of the twins on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. When her friends and family started looking at these photos, however, the same comments started coming to light. Everyone began noticing what made these girls stand out. Megan and Morgan’s striking blue eyes, like their mother’s, made them easy to recognize as the color stands out with the bright, light blue set against their dark skin tone making for an irresistibly beautiful combination. Even more captivating was the twin with one blue and one brown eye.

Matching Outfits

The twins are technically identical, even though there is one striking characteristic that makes them easy to tell apart. Like most parents of identical twins, Stephanie Boyd found it hard to resist dressing them in matching outfits. After all, being dressed the same is not only adorable but is practical as well. When shopping for clothing, you simply choose two of the same and double up on your purchases. These twins’ mother is also extremely fashion conscious. She has an eye for style, and her twins are always captured looking their very best. Of course, even if they are matched the same in clothing, they are still easy to tell apart, so this twin mom has no worry of them not developing their own individual identity.

Instant Internet Stardom

It is no surprise that the twins instantly captivated and garnered thousands of internet fans. With the mom’s eye for style and her daughter’s flair for making every outfit look good, it’s a win-win situation that is easy on the eyes. These two seem to look good in any outfit and any hairdo or fashion accessory. Almost as fast as each new photo would upload, fans were commenting and sharing with fascination in how unique and jaw-dropping beautiful these two truly are. The Trueblue Twins seem to enjoy all of the attention as well showing off seemingly natural model poses in every frame.

The Twin With Different Color Eyes

While the striking blue eyes that mom Stephanie Boyd and daughter Megan share are rare in those of African descent, Morgan’s eye color combination is even more rare. Many viewers do a double take because of Morgan’s eyes alone since it may be the first time they’ve ever seen a picture of someone with this genetic trait. Some with this Heterochromia trait have Heterochromia Iridium that is caused by an injury or other eye issue that affects the vision as well. Historians note that Alexander the Great had this condition. This isn’t the case for Morgan. Her eyesight is not impacted by her varied colored eyes.

Trueblue Twin Morgan Shares Trait With The Rich And Famous

Alexander the Great is not the only historic or rich and famous figure Morgan shares her Heterochromia trait with. There are a few other well-known stars who also have different colored eyes. Model Kate Bossworth has one blue eye and one that is a mix of hazel and blue. Mila Kunis has one green and one brown eye as a result of inflammation that caused her temporary blindness. Alice Eve has one blue and one green eye. Robert Downey, Jr. has a unique form of Heterochromia where the outer rings are greenish blue and the inner rings are dark brown. Simon Pegg has Sectoral Heterochromia with a flash of brown in only one eye, and Henry Cavil has a patch of brown inone iris.

It’s A Family Thing

While a handful of notable stars and historians have a form of Heterochromia, Morgan is even more rare in that none of the ones on the short list are of African heritage. The trait is usually seen in people with lighter skin tones and of European descent. This makes Morgan’s eyes even more captivating and unique. It also explains why she and her sister have taken the internet by storm with every new picture her mom shares. Her eye color is a family thing. Morgan is bi-racial. The gene that gave her this unique eye combination is carried through the Caucasian side. Morgan’s uncle and great aunt, however, also have eyes that are different colors. Yet, they are not bi-racial which means Morgan is truly even more unique.

Stars At The Age Of Four

At the young age of four, these two took the internet by storm. They were otherwise just two girls from Philly, but their mom saw something special in their eyes. Turns out that their mother and grandfather have two blue eyes. One of their uncles and a great aunt had one blue and one brown eye. Mom, Stephanie Boyd, chose to share their family’s unique trait with the rest of the world and has become their main driving force to soar them into the world of fashion. While friends and family enjoyed mom’s posts, it wasn’t until a tattoo artist and Camden musician, Deyonte Hunter took notice and began to share that their popularity took off.

Thousands Of Likes Per Photo

What started as a mom who felt doubly blessed simply wanting to show off the beautiful faces of her strikingly gorgeous preschoolers has garnered the attention of some top-name celebrities. After the tattoo artist started sharing their images, the two became an instant success on Instagram. Each new picture received thousands of likes and comments. Their photos continue to receive 2,000 or more likes a day. One Facebook fan took it a step further and posted a picture collage video. This video has been viewed more than 6.6 million times. The video was seen by actress Meagan Good and comedian D. L. Hughley who immediately wanted to feature the twins.

Celebrities Took Notice

All of this instant popularity also captured the attention of some famous people. Actress Meagan Good as well as comedian D. L. Hughley noticed the twins’ photos and started sharing them to their followers as well. This was only the beginning of their huge soar in popularity. The two were also scouted by celebrities such as Yandy Smith, Ray Ray, Mindless Behavior band members, and Wendy Williams. From all of the well-known stars perking up to take notice, the two landed a spot in a fashion show in Jacksonville, NC. It didn’t stop there. The two continue to receive branded clothes just to wear with hopes they will be spotlighted in a post.

First Paid Gig

At first, all of the attention from celebrities and top name brands were all unsolicited, and the twins received no pay. That all changed, however, as their photos kept circulating social media and capturing the attention of more and more brands, fashionistas, and stars. The twins actually landed their very first paid photo shoot in Canada. Their mother agreed to have her little beauties do a photo shoot in Toronto for a kids’ clothing line. This agreement to pose in brand clothing would be their very first paid gig. As time would tell, it would be far from their last as their fame continued to soar.

A Work Of Art Beyond Photographs

As mom Stephanie Boyd continued posting photos of her girls, it seemed to inspire art. Stephanie started receiving original artwork that featured her twin beauties. Some of them captured every last detail of the girl’s unique qualities. Occasionally, mom would post these pieces of art to her Instagram account so everyone could experience the sensational qualities of her girls, in photos and in creative artworks. This one zooms in on their captivating faces and displays the true-to-life colors of their eyes. Whoever the artist is even seemed to capture their individual personalities as well with Megan looking off in wonder and Morgan looking straight ahead with focus.

Looking Out For Her Girls

While Stephanie Boyd wanted to share her girls and their unique characteristics for her friends and family to see, she never envisioned that it would skyrocket the way it has. As brands began approaching her to ask for permission to have the Trueblue Twins model and become representatives for their brand of clothing and other products catering to children, she has kept one very important rule. First and foremost, she has her daughters’ best interests at heart. She is determined to never force the girls to model if they do not want to or feel uncomfortable about it. So far, modeling seems to come completely natural for them.

Protective Father Of Daddy’s Girls

Like any good father of beautiful daughters, the Trueblue Twins have a dad looking out for them. Lovell Knight is said to be extremely protective of these young beauties. While he wants to give them the opportunity for fame if they choose it, he also wants them to enjoy their childhood. He does his best to make sure they have plenty of times to be normal kids. In fact, he wasn’t all in, gung-ho about Stephanie posting the photos in the first place. He has always seemed to have his own reservations about sharing the pictures across the internet. Though, he was quick to enjoy the fame of more than 6 million views to his girls’ video when a Facebook user shared a collage of pictures.

Natural Models

It’s a good thing that both mama and daddy have the girls’ best interest at heart, but these girls seem to eat it up whenever they see a camera. It’s as if they are born models. It is no secret that these two are no strangers to cameras, but they seem to be completely comfortable with the constant clicking. In fact, they seem to eat it up. They appear to have a natural instinct for knowing how to pose without prompting. Regardless of what pose or glance they throw at the camera, they always show up as natural beauties who enjoy the attention.

Mom Picks Out Outfits And Hair Styles

Whatever these two are wearing, they capture the hearts of onlookers. At first all of this attention was a dream come true for mom. She absolutely loves picking out matching outfits and having her daughters’ hair done in various styles. She loves adding cute little accessories to top off the looks. Today, the girls continue to get requests to wear specific brands of clothing. Even so, Stephanie Boyd is a natural in finding sweet outfits for them to wear on her own. And, the girls always seem to enjoy mommy and me times to go out to get a new hairdo.

Fan Pics

Since they have become an internet sensation, when fans see them out and about they often ask if they can pose for a photograph. It’s usually quite a pleasant experience when fans feel as if they have met a celebrity face to face. People are quick to shower compliments on the girls, and the girls are extremely friendly in return. However, mom and dad are firm in never forcing the girls to pose with a stranger. The girls only pose with a fan for a photo if they feel comfortable about it. Often, Morgan chooses to stay out of the limelight if she doesn’t feel comfortable with a person she doesn’t know.

The Trueblue Twins Have A Brother

As popular and as vastly photographed as the Trueblue Twins have become, it’s easy to forget that there are other family members in the picture. For awhile it was just the two girls front and center in the limelight to permeate all of the pictures their mom and dad took to share. Now, they share the spotlight. The twins share a baby brother as well. He did not inherit the Heterochromia trait, but he is just a photogenic and his sisters. Expect to see him pop up more and more as the three grow as siblings to share their childhood years.

Goofy Glasses For The Fun Of It

These two have become comfortable posing and being ready for the click of a camera at any second. They flash smiles and serious looks on request. But, through it all they really enjoy just being silly at times. This fun-loving silly side puts them dressing up and trying out accessories, even glasses. Though, their eye doctor has told them that there is nothing wrong with the girls’ eyes. This doesn’t stop them from having a little fun with new and different looks. This silliness pays off, too. As their popularity grew rapidly, the twins now have more than 702,000 Instagram followers.

Stardom Has Not Yet Gone To Their Heads

The twins realize that the camera seems to always snap and click into focus when they are around, but they don’t yet fully know the extent of how famous they are. They are too young to have phones or social media accounts of their own. They don’t even quite have the names of each social media platform down correctly. According to their teacher, the two told her that they were famous on “NewTube.” As long as these adorable phrases come out of their mouths, their likely to see their popularity soar even higher. So, it’s a good thing they are staying grounded on a solid foundation.

Same Face, Different Personalities

Short of one noticeable difference, these two have an identical look. However, they have their own individual personalities that are sometimes strikingly different. Morgan, the twin with two colors in her eyes, enjoys expressing herself by putting on mock fashion shows for friends and family as she struts around as if on a catwalk. Megan, the dual blue-eyed child, on the other hand, loves to soak up the glamour aspect of getting her hair done. Both preferences lend themselves to a photogenic result, but one involves a spotlight while the other a more reserved style of pampering that is enjoyed off camera.

Striking Models

It’s true! The Trueblue Twins seems to look good in anything whether they are at an official model shoot or just having fun playing dress up. They even capture the attention of others when out and about or shopping. Put them in a red Asian dress and gold crown, and they look like they’re fit for royalty. They have all of the right poses down at such a young age and seem to be only improving their picture-ready positions as they age. It’s doubtful these two are going away anytime soon. Let’s just see how they grow into their modeling careers if they choose to go that path.

Snapchat Filters Obsession

Instagram may be their platform of launched success, but the two prove they are still kids with their obsession with filters on Snapchat. They both thoroughly enjoy just being silly with all of the options of filters including the super large glasses framing their eyes to stand out even more. Don’t be fooled, though. While sometimes Heterochromia is caused by other damage to the eye, this is not the case for Morgan. Both girls don’t need the glasses. They just really love the fun of it for the picture. No doubt, there are probably plenty of shots of them in various animal ears and noses as well.

Dressed For Success

Even though their mother is often asked if she is wearing blue contact lenses, she is not. Neither are her two little cuties. They are not wearing contacts either, by the way. They not only inherited eye color from their mother, but they seem to have garnered her fashion sense as well. When the two do a model shoot, they often get to keep the clothes. Whenever mom Stephanie shares pictures of her girls in specific brands, the fashion industry eats it up and loves to have them as their little representatives of style. And, whatever they wear, their eyes always seem to get noticed.

A Young Natural Eye For Style

Now that the twins are getting a little older and more fashion conscious, mom sometimes lets them pick out their own outfits. They seem to have a natural eye for style. Once the girls stayed up past their bedtimes just to make frays and holes in their jeans to keep up with changing jean trends. The fact remains that these two were not born into stardom but have learned to embrace it. It has provided them a platform for them to show off their natural talents as well that goes deeper than beauty alone. From family, friends, neighbors, and strangers met on the street or out shopping who would stop to admire the two to internet fame, these two have a natural eye for fashion.

Hairdo Style Fun

While it is their unique eyes that shot these two up to instant fame, their mom admits that she also gets a kick out of picking out hair accessories and switching up their hairdo every so often. The girls have been seen with short hair, long pony tails, and braids. Whatever hairdo they are pictured in, they seem to rock it like no other. Adding little bows, barrettes, and other hair pretties is fun for most moms of girls. It’s almost as if it’s an extension of playing with dolls as a child. For this mom, she admits that she made a wish and got two of her dreams come true. Playing with their hair is part of the fun.

Little Product Endorsing Influencers

These two have officially become Instagram Influencers and have started representing product brands. This didn’t happen without a lot of careful thought and discussions between mom and dad first. While dad is more interested in seeing his girls enjoy their childhood and studies at school, mom is carefully weeding through offers for modeling and product reps. She manages all of their modeling gigs herself making sure that they take advantage of every new opportunity without losing their chance to be a kid. The offers for them to represent brands keep pouring in while mom considers each and every one before sealing the deal for photos.

Strike A Pose Even While Shopping At Walmart

Regardless of whether the girls are in a studio with a professional photo shoot or out and about in a grocery store, they are always quick to strike a pose. Whenever mom takes out her phone, they jump into position. Even in an aisle at Walmart, Megan is ready to take her first official phone call whenever she is finally old enough to have a phone of her own. Morgan, on the other hand seems to be content with model poses and smiles as they shop. If they’re lucky, they may get to pick out a new outfit when the cameras are out of sight.

The Rhianna Connection

Many fans have commented about how the twins seem to have a huge resemblance to the star Rhianna. As far as they are aware, there is no family or genetic connection between them and the star, but the comments keep coming as to how similar they look. Maybe this is coincidental. Or, maybe it’s because their mom is a huge fan of Rhianna and tends to style her daughters in her favorite star’s image. Nobody knows if the girls will continue resembling the musical star as they grow and become their own persons, but for now, mom enjoyed the photo shoot with hair styles to match.

Rhianna Look A likes For Halloween

Regardless of how they have come to resemble Rhianna, the two saw fit to dress up like her doubles for Halloween one year. They styled their costume after her ANTI World Tour look. The comments keep coming as to how these two are miniature Rhianna look-a likes, and mom eats up every last word. She’s got to enjoy it while she can because one day they will be too old for tricks or treats and may choose a style of their own that looks nothing like the popular musical star. For now, the dress up opportunity looked fantastic on camera with photos posted to Instagram.

The Happiest Of Beginnings To A Bright Future Ahead

These two got started with a simple mama’s hearts cry to share her dreams come true with others. Where they go from here will eventually become the choice of the twins. For now, their future looks pretty bright, but they are only five years into this surprise fame. The two will always have each other through it all to hug and help keep the other going even if it means stepping out of the limelight eventually. For now, fans love each and every photo they get to see. And, that’s good, because mom Stephanie Boyd has no intention of slowing down just yet.

Just Stay Kids

While the almost instantaneous sensational success and rise to fame is exciting, mom and dad are working hard to make sure these two don’t miss out on a normal childhood. For a child, this kind of quick fame can complicate a time in their lives that should be much simpler. A childhood is typically the time when children learn to interact with others and develop their social skills. For those thrown in front of the camera to become a childhood star of sorts, their lives suddenly become quite complicated. With everyone drawn to the twins for their appearance, their looks will no doubt go through transitional phases as they grow.

Aesthetically Appealing In A Selfie Generation

There is no doubt that these two are pleasing to the eye. They are aesthetically appealing on camera. In a selfie-taking generation, this could spiral out of control quickly for young girls. But, these two are still too young to have social media accounts or even a cell phone of their own. One day that will change, and their parents want to make sure they have laid the best foundation so the girls know how to handle it when it happens. In addition to their head-turning eye color, they also have really nice smiles. Their beauty is very natural along with their ability to flash a dramatic facial expression which both make for a winning combination.

A Beautiful Family

While dad is still in the picture as a family man, it was mom who took to the internet to show off her cute crew. She knew that her daughters’ eyes were unique because she is the one who passed down the blue eyes. She knows it is an unusual trait going so far to say that she has never seen an African-American with blue eyes besides herself. Mom and dad also share a son, the girls’ younger brother. While the little boy looks great on camera as well, he does not share the blue eye wonder gene or the Heterochromia sensation. His eyes are a gorgeous brown.

Newfound Fame And Attention

Almost as quickly as the Trueblue Twins pictures hit Instagram’s frenzy, life changed for the entire family. While once a normal family from North Philadelphia, the girls had now become instantly recognizable. Mom explained that because of her twin’s newfound fame, none of them were able to even walk outside their front door without being immediately recognized. Once a teenager stopped her and the girls on the street proclaiming that they were the twins from Philly. Mom Stephanie knew she had to pay close attention to her children’s safety and well being. All the while, she was also weeding through modeling offers.

Growing Up To Be Young Ladies

So far, the girls have maneuvered fast fame for the last five years and are handling it gracefully with the help of their parents. For the two, their first modeling gigs brought more excitement over playing dress up with fancy designer clothing than the idea of becoming somebody and getting paid well for doing it. No matter what camera is placed in front of them, they come off as if they were born to be in front of it. They try to stay grounded and enjoy every moment of their childhood even while they are growing up to be young ladies.

Same Hair, Different Eyes

Both girls have all eyes on them, but it’s not only for the reason that they share unique eye color. To look their best in pictures, they also have to have frequent trips to the hair salon. For one of these twins, having her hair done is a glamorous dream come true. Family members admit that even before they reached overnight star status they seemed to be drawn to modeling. Megan’s favorite part of their new reality is getting to have her hair done. Every aspect of modeling seems to be a part of their genetic makeup right down to the hair.

Identical When Sleeping

Parents of twins, if they are honest, will admit that they sometimes have trouble telling their identical offspring apart. This is not the case for many parents of fraternal twins, and it’s not the case for the Trueblue Twins parents either, since the eye color gives it away. There is one moment, however, when the two look even more identical to each other. When they are sleeping, and you cannot catch a glimpse of their eyes, you may find yourself wondering which girl is which. These spunky little rascals, however, need their sleep. If nothing else, their parents surely need a moment to breathe out of the commotion of rapid stardom.

Bright Baby Blues

Pull the hair back and up away from their faces, and add an outfit with the color blue. Then, zoom in the camera to fill the frame with their beautiful faces. This is the only combination you need to make their eyes really pop and stand out to get noticed in any picture. The blue in the fabric seems to make Megan’s eyes really stand out against her contrastingly dark skin tone. Side-by-side, in an arm-wrapped neck hug, is her sister Morgan whose eyes also stand out with the choice of blue color in the outfit. This color of clothing even seems to make her brown eye more noticeable as well.

Shopping Trip Turned Stunning Shots

Even a trip to the store turns into a runway for these stunning models. Grab a box of Jolly Ranchers, and don’t forget to blow a kiss. The Trueblue Twins have become such a recognizable pair that common, everyday chores turn into a fashion show with cameras snapping shots for posting. Mom has to make sure they are always dressed pristine just in case a stray camera happens to catch them off guard. Once you’ve gone viral online, the rest of the work is staying on top and climbing even higher. When the lives of two little girls is at stake, all of these decisions must be made with careful and wise, swift consideration.

Philly Pride And Family Holidays In Real Life

On camera, these two are stunningly eye-catching. Off camera, they are the older sisters to their younger brother and enjoy everyday life events like Christmas time together as a family. They also take part in plenty of everyday activities that place them out of the central limelight and into the role of normal little girls. The year their favorite football team went onto success, they rooted on their home team, the Philadelphia Eagles, to the NFL Super Bowl. They celebrated at the big parade and continue to share in typical real life happenings together as a family with plenty of snuggle time with little brother.

Mother Daughter Thank You From Claires

These two look great without even trying and when the focus is not even on them but rather on their mommy. Even when they aren’t officially representing a brand, the place gets noticed in a hurry when a post goes up for the Trueblue Twins. For Mother’s Day one year, they were merely enjoying a free download I Love My Mom activity sheets. Mom snapped a photo of her thankful duo, and Claires Stores automatically took notice. Hopefully, mama also got her pampering for her big day that she deserves, like the sheets express. Maybe the girls also provided her with at least a breakfast in bed and no mess to clean up afterwards.

True Baby Blues

As the girls grow into their own eventual adult look, it’s nice to look back to where it all began. Early pictures of the two reveal that their eyes always shared at least a partial blue hue. However, they were not quite as bright and noticeable as they are now. And, they seem to become more and more noticeable as they grow. Megan’s eyes appear to be a bit more gray, while Morgan’s right eye looks as though it’s only partially brown. Today, the colors have become more distinct. Only time will tell if this will change as they continue to age.

Haters Gonna Hate

With all of their wildly accepted success, it would appear as though the world has welcomed the girls with open arms. That is thankfully mostly the case for the Trueblue Twins. However, there is always negative backlash for anything that goes viral online. It’s just part of what comes with the quick rise to fame. As popular and well received the girls have been, they still have their share of haters. There are trolls who feel the need to comment with a negative opinion of them and their very public images. It is a good thing that the girls have a solid foundation and fantastic support system in their family with especially dad on guard to refute any negativity.

Safety First In A Pandemic

Safety first is always the best motto when it comes to protecting children both in online endeavors and those in real life as well. Even with pandemic shut downs all around the world, these two keep smiling. They are still smiling even if you can’t see their white teeth under those masks for safety purposes. Even with a mask covering half of their faces, those beautiful baby blues and one brown-eyed girl shine bright through it all. These two simply cannot hide their true beauty regardless of what they are wearing or how much personal protection equipment they don to stay safe.

These Faces Are Going Places

The twins have been asked to model for many clothing brands and other fun products. They have become almost larger than life. At least their faces have as it is enlarged and plastered across the sides of public transportation. When mom saw this ad on the side of a bus in Philadelphia, she took to Instagram to share. Some of their modeling gigs end up showing up in some unexpected spots, and they are not just for glamorous products. Ads like this one spread the news about a charter school in their home state encouraging viewers to enroll now. No doubt, their education-focused dad would be proud of this one.

Future Looks Bright

While they are still young, the future looks even brighter for these two. What started as a mother’s love for her children has blossomed quickly into worldwide notoriety. The internet stood up and took notice, and so did name brands and products. But, the fact remains that wherever these girls soar, their parents are determined that it is their choice. If they want to continue modeling for a living or step out of the limelight to pursue dreams of their own, that is ultimately going to be up to them and what their individual hearts desire. Let’s watch them soar!